22 December 2011

Switchola is the way to go

Remember the Big announcement? Well,I'm inching closer to it!
I have decided to make the switch to Wordpress(YAAY) and subsequently offer Custom Wordpress designs as well (angelic chorus?).I couldn't have done it with out my amazeballs friend AMANDA.She is this freaking COOL lady who kind of owns the internet lol.Need a new hosting?I would be happy to refer you to her company once all the formalities are done with.Her plans are amazing and super affordable,just so you know ;)
Go say hi!
There might be some change in url,though the domain name would certainly remain same and this is just a heads up to let you know so keep stalking me ;)
summing it up from the incoherent rant ^up there
  1. I'm switching to WP and you gots to update your reader with my new feed or possible refollow me.
  2. I can help you with your Wordpress designs in the future.Wahaay!
  3. Also,amazing hosting facilities.
Coolness?I know,right!

Hope you had a good week!Mine was spent neck-deep in code when I decided to turn to a ruthless loan shark(dad) and hook on to the Genesis Framework.Let's see how that liason turns out to be.Also,my first kind of debt.Way excited *rolls eyes*.
Chop chop!


  1. hahah yea..it'll be a bit long before I move to WP..things are complex lol

  2. Jenny!I'm yet to make the move :) but I'll give you a copy as soon as I get it :D

  3. but congrats on moving to WP & a  host :) you can do SO much more!

  4. you should give me a copy of your genesis thing :P 'cause your awesome hehehehe

  5. Yay! Let me know!!!! On Twitter. Or Facebook! So I can follow you!!!! As you know, I have WP too!! But all posts are password protected but still... :p







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