23 December 2011

December sponsor Group Intro!

Teaming up with FTLOB for a double sponsor offer these ladies opted for a $10 value which  gets you a 300x300 ad space on FTLOB as well as my site.Check out these awesome ladies!

Miss Mommy sells Leather Wrap Bracelets in the shop along with Antique necklaces and silver necklaces.
I am a Canadian Mom of 2 little girls that lives in Melbourne Australia.  I blog about everything from homesickness, my girls, my secrets, our love story, recipes and everyday life in general.  Along with having a husband who usually works 6 days a week and does shift work, an online shop and blog, my 2 girls, I also have a "real life" job as I call it.  I work in Financial Planning 3 days  a week.  

This is what prompted me to start a blog:  Being a Canadian and living in Melbourne Australia.  I started my blog as a way to keep in touch with my family and it was one central spot everyone could come and see updates 
on us, my girls and our lives.  

My 5 favourite things about blogging: By far the best thing is the friendships I have formed.  I have several "friends" whom i've never met in real life but I still call them my friends.  Blogging is my outlet - my way to release.  Inspiration - I seek a lot of inspiration from other bloggers.  Tutorials - I use a lot of tutorials and recipes i've found.  
My take on Vlogging:  I like vlogs.  I have done a few vlogs and will often post videos of my girls.  I think it's personal and really like the connection.  
My favourite post to date is: hmmm - it's hard to pick just one.  I like the videos of my girls.  
My pick me up when I'm having a blogger's block: Pinterest.  I go to Pinterest for inspiration.  I search "inspirational worlds", and read a bunch of inspirational phrases.  Life, and experiencing life.  I will go for a drive or a walk and bring my camera.  You can see a lot of beautiful things while taking pictures.  
Hi! I'm Lauren, I blog over at Living Loved and I have been blogging for a few months now - It's the perfect creative outlet for me!
So I live in Brisbane, Australia and my pet Kangaroo's name is Buck. Just Kidding. We don't name our Kangaroos, that would be ridiculous. I'm twenty-one and I'm attempting to keep film photography alive through my little collection of plastic cameras. I also really enjoy digital photography and am getting to know my dslr better. I blog about what I bake, the bands I like, the books I read and the people I love. 
At the moment I'm putting together a series of guest posts on 'A day in the life' of different bloggers, email me at lktadde[at]gmail[dot]com if you'd like to be involved! You can catch me on twitter and pinterest too!
My 5 favourite things about blogging: 
1. The blog love. I've 'met' so many lovely people through blogging.
2. Writing. I guess we just do tell stories like we used to do and blogging keeps that alive in a way!
3. Sharing the recipes I love. I LOVE to bake and have made a few recipes of my own. Sharing them is really cool.
4. More photos. I will always take my camera with me now and do my best to take great photos. Yes, to share on the blog but also learning to use my camera properly and not having it on 'auto' all the time!
5. Knowing my opinions on certain issues. People blog about controversial stuff sometimes. It's really made me sit up and decide 'Do I feel the same way?'
My take on Vlogging: Hmm.... I like vlogging when it's funny. But I think most times vlogging isn't, so that's a bummer!
My favourite post to date is: Hard to pick! For different reasons I love this one and this one.

My pick me up when I'm having a blogger's block: Hasn't happened yet...but when I get an idea to blog about I usually write it down somewhere, so I have a little list I keep that I can refer to if I'm stuck!


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My name is Alyx and I blog over at Every Day is a New Adventure! I'm married to an amazing guy (affectionately referred to as Hubby in the blogosphere), and we're currently living it up in the middle of nowhere, Germany. This here blog is where I share my deepest secrets. Okay, not really... but I do share some pretty awesome recipeshilarious stories, awkward moments, and sometimes I sprinkle a little something fashionable or sentimental in there. Living out of two suitcases in a foreign country is definitely a crazy experience, and Every Day really is a New Adventure. 

You can visit me on the blog, or on Facebook! Be sure to stop by and say hello - I love meeting new people! 

This is what prompted me to start a blog: I started a blog a couple of years ago when I moved to Europe, but then never wrote in it. I rediscovered it when I came to Germany again a couple of months ago, and stuck with it. 
My 5 favourite things about blogging: 1. Meeting new people 2. Finding awesome recipes and DIY projects. 3.Reading other people's blogs. 4. Sharing my experiences with other people. 5. It's a creative outlet.
My take on Vlogging: I think it's lame. At least for me - I'd end up looking a little dumb, and I'd probably ramble a lot. 
My favourite post to date is: This one: http://garnerfamilyadventures.blogspot.com/2011/12/dear-germany.html Yes, I was having a bad day... but it was actually kind of fun to rant about silly little things, and make my bad day seem funny. 
My pick me up when I'm having a blogger's block: I usually do some lame blog post about my day if I can't think of anything better, but try to add humor. Humor makes everything more interesting to read, even if I'm just talking about why I hate carrots.  
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Hi...I am Messy and I started a whole new adventure with My Paddy just over a year ago. We went on a 2 month European Tour, moved from one side of Canada to the other, started a new life in a small town and opened our own business upcycling furniture. Come and enjoy the ride of a lifetime with us. The good, the bad and the ugly.  
This is what prompted me to start a blog: I was a card maker and a girlfriend of mine started a blog to enter contests with her cards so I thought I would do the same. It turned into a blog about my life when we moved and started our new life adventure.

My 5 favourite things about blogging: meeting new people, learning new DIY's, getting outfit inspirations and ideas, the feeling when someone leaves me a nice comment and it forces me to do fun and exciting things so I have interesting things to post about.

My take on Vlogging: I would LOVE to do it but I'm too chicken. LOL
My favourite post to date is:The one about my time at the cottage in the summer. Or my Cheddar Cauliflower soup...I dunno! Too hard to choose! :)
My pick me up when I'm having a blogger's block: Take my dog for a walk with my camera. I always find inspiration on walks.

Hope you enjoyed knowing a bit about these lovely ladies. Now,mingle!

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  1. I understand and totally acknowledge your salacious love affair with Etsy ;) Ah,yes the shipping :( Perhaps you can talk to her about it?

  2. Sweta, you know how  feel about my etsy shops and my declaration to buy handmade every things well I love the bracelets miss mommy makes.  and I loved the ornaments that the other one makes but the shipping is something expensive I loved the penguin ornament and was thinking about buying it for my friend dane but I just can't justify shipping on one item thats $20 and not overnighted ... but the items were cool







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