27 December 2011

Buggles/Buggers- or the bogus non-bloggers

How many times have you tried to explain the  'importance of being earnest'  in the blog-eat-blog world to your non-blogging friends?And how many times have their eyes clouded over and you can totally feel their nonchalance hitting you in the face in slow-mo?Happens to you? Welcome to my world!

I can't explain why I take so many pictures.
I can't explain why I need to space out on a metro ride back home,nor do I wish to speak about my crumply black diary that I keep scribbling in.I'm not unraveling any big mystery anytime soon,nor am I your next mad poet.I am a blogger,and I need to keep track of my ideas.In a different world,in a different era,on a different blog I spoke about how words and inspiration seem to dissipate as soon as I hit the laptop.Ideas prop up in the oddest of places.Great thoughts are churned and sometimes forgotten.It's a hard life keeping track of all the thought baubles and bubbles.

If things were hard before,it has become rather worse now.My blog design biz is rather new and admittedly I have been shoving/showing it off like a shiny new man I've been having great sex with.To be honest,I'm more than a little proud and happy to see my dream take off.To me and very few others this has a lot of significance but then there are many,many faces who see it nothing more than an idle,obsessive hobby.I wouldn't care if they hadn't meant anything to me.Really.

Blogging is like crack,and given a choice we would spend half our lives online subscribing to a hundred new blogs everyday.I've weighed that,twirled it around my head and sought to create a balance between my online and offline life.I'm sure you have too!However,recently I have pissed off more than a few good friends.

Other than that writing for pleasure has significantly reduced.But I know there's a time and space for everything and I'm hoping to get back to it soon. To keep my dream afloat however,one most engage in a lot of sincere PR,but I really do  love my job and have never really thought myself even capable of working in a structured manner!In a way that gives me immense satisfaction and that should be enough,and it really is to a certain extent.
I shouldn't really be ranting had I not taken their implicit dissatisfaction to heart.To answer my own question,their understanding of my work and it's itinerary is a lot like my interest in cricket - ZERO.I've never tried to understand the game,hence never ended up liking it even though it's a religion in India.

And so I ask  every blogger,cyber entrepreneur or a non-blogger who chanced upon my post by googling a creepy search word -Why do you love? Why do you hate? Most importantly,how do you cope?


  1. I had been okay uptil that point where /I coded and designed as a hobby.Things turned really weird when I started my biz- which meant a little more time spent with work.I could probably just blame it on the system were are brought up.apparently people in my age group here study,and not engage themselves in supporting themselves.Or maybe not.

  2. I actually work in Social Media as my career.... so people aren't to weird-ed out when I talk about blogging and other social media stuff.  What can I say, it is just part of my life...

  3. I spend more time communicating with clients and friends onlin than in person. I'm always behind my computer even when I'm helping my son do his homework. The beauty of technology but also I feel it makes us more out of touch with people. You can't tell emotions online

  4. I don't expect people around me to understand my hobbies, which are pretty weird. I think online communities help with that, sharing one's obsession over out-of-the-way stuff.

    As for writing and inspiration, pre-scheduling works wonders for me. Sometimes I churn out dozens of posts in one day and then don't feel like writing for a month -- pre-scheduled posts take care of that.

  5. It's a balancing act, being on your laptop and living your life/getting stuff done (my house severely suffers because of this addiction). Maybe it's because I don't have a ton of friends in the real world that makes me want to communicate with bloggers- even if they are complete strangers. None of my friends/family really get the concept of blogging- they just like reading and I appreciate their support. It can be stressful when you just "don't feel like it" and want to just watch countless hours of True Blood without worrying about the damn blog. For me, I have a goals to start a design career with the blog, so at the end of the day there's something really beneficial to keeping up with it. I have to say though- I really really hate when I see blogs that are nothing more than linky parties and regurgitated Pinterest photos and yet they have over 1,000 followers. Really? As much as I want to gain readership, I can't sell my blogger soul! I just have to be me and hope that's enough. This was a great post girl, thanks for writing about it. Congrats on all of your success- I know it comes from countless hours of hard, hard work. It's OK to be proud of yourself and brag a little from time to time... why the hell not? Everyone who considers it only a hobby obviously doesn't understand this crackhead community- you're making dolla dolla bills now- that's legit, bro! ;)P.S. This reminds me I really really need to get a little cute sketch pad to write things down- the ideas are gone before I realize it! 

  6. This could not be any more true.  I literally have one friend that blogs.  The rest enjoy reading mine but say they would never be able to take one on themselves.  Really?  Your blog should be an expression of you, and not just for gaining followers, so in my opinion there is no "right" way to do it!

    xo Shane

  7. You should still write for pleasure when you feel the urge. It's a blog-eat-blog world, indeed, but we will make it :)

  8. Honestly there is so much to hate about it I can't even begin with it. I've been doing this for over 15 years before there were any CMS. My generation of bloggers starting from them are now the new baby boomers. Mommy blogs have over run the blogging community. Although I respect moms and their blogs tremendously. I just miss the days of personal blogging before it became something as ridiculous as it is now. I hate being informed by bloggers who don't know what it was like before hand how to do things. I feel like an elderly person yelling at kids saying back in my day!!! but it is true and I respect them more so now since I really want to stab someone over it sometimes. I had to take a hiatus because I was on the road to stabbing someone.

  9. I know exactly what you're talking about.

    Everyone laughs at me when I go, "Ooh! I should write that down!"

    My boyfriend always gives me a hard time about my blogging "obsession" as he calls it.

    I cope by reminding myself of the satisfaction I feel after posting something well written, and when my readers/other bloggers respond positively to it.

    Good luck! Keep fighting the good fight.









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