18 December 2011

I has Ink v.1 featuring Magali

Remember how I told you to stick around for a new feature?Well,I HAS IT!
Like eveything else I have been procrastinating on starting a weekly series since I have commitment issues when it comes to blog challenges.But so far so good-this Friday I posted my second version of  the Friday faves and I intend to do a LOT more of those! I'm also introducing this new feature to be posted every where I showcase some awesome bloggers and their cool ink-schmink.I'll also be slipping in a few tattoo inspiration here and there,so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my new series.

To move on,meet the Girl with the Dragon tattoo ;)
Name: Magali Vaz
But you can call me: Mags/Maggie
Occupation: Arts Student but also a blogger & amateur photographer.
Blog: Life etc.
Twitter: @magali_c
Age you got your first tattoo: 16. 
How many of them you got? 4. 

The thought that went behind it/them(tell us a little about your rad ink):My first two were the stars on my legs. I remember being SO nervous about getting them & very undecided about what I wanted. I finally decided & mom said I could get two if I wished. Chose the Aries ♈ symbol and the star ☆ because I like simple symbolism & they go together well.
My second was the full back tattoo. The explanation for this tattoo is very long & complicated. I liked the orient & dragons (they're often misunderstood), wanted something large & definitely different. I liked what oriental dragon tattoos stood for. The way they're good & loyal but if you provoke them or threaten someone they love then watch out.
The small peace sign tattoo ☮ was something I got on a whim last december. It was special because even though it was my fourth it was the first I paid for myself. It's a sort of homage to the 60s & the hippie culture (which I love!) & the messages of John Lennon etc. (which are still very relevant). I remember a friend telling me Lady GaGa has a similar one! I was horrified! Should have researched better. But then she's not that bad so I got over it. Again this tattoo is a simple symbol like the first two. 
Got a favourite?: Definitely my full back tattoo. 
Reaction of your friends/family: Ever since I've got my tattoos, especially the dragon I have enjoyed seeing the varied reactions from everyone. Close friends knew beforehand. A lot of people got really shocked. I still get some very shocked reactions, mostly because everyone says 'I don't look the type'. I guess I look nerdy & don't fit the negative stereotype people have for girls with tattoos, like they only get butterflies or dolphins, have tramp stamps etc.  
Have you ever run into any sort of negativity because of your tattoo:(work,etc): I have got some mild negativity. The most common reaction I get it shock. I can see disgusted looks on some people's faces but they keep the comments to themselves, mostly. Even people who didn't like it at first have to admit that the design is well done. 
Your artist,and a little about him/her: My artist is Kevin Andrade, he did my first three (peace sign was done elsewhere).
I found him over Facebook. He is such an amazing artist. He freehanded the dragon from an idea & a lo-res picture. I trust his artistic vision completely!  
Plan on getting any in the future?Tell us a little about them!:I do. I have some vague ideas & plans, nothing concrete yet. And yes my artist too advised me to wait a while. But I last got tattooed a year ago so I think I have some ink overdue. I will definitely share them on my blog when I get new ones. 
What advice do you have for people procrastinating about getting one: I will be brazen here. I know so many people who say they want ink but are scared of pain etc.
Most of those people think getting a tattoo is trendy & do not realize the seriousness of getting ink.
I'd say, if you are in the right frame of mind, have a design & a good artist, just go out & get it done already. You have no reason not to!!

I TOTALLY envy that dragon tattoo!Dont' you?

Also,Sweta has big news so watch this space ;)
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  1. This is a very cool feature! Tattoos are one of my passions, though I haven't gotten tatted in quite a while. I need to save up.

  2. Sweta, I both enjoyed reading your questions and answers of this wonderful interview! I'm not a fan of tattoos but I have to say this dragon one is superb! Simply a breathtaking piece of art! :)

  3. I LOVES the idea of that zombie pin-up girl ^_^ i love tattoos too! I have two of my owwwn :)

  4. I love tattoos I'm planning on getting another one I just have my one four leaf clover I want a sugar skull next and then maybe a zombie pin up girl

  5. 'Twas a pleasure!Hahah not the tattoo that much  can say ;) 

  6. Thank You for featuring me Sweta. I'm glad you like my ink ;)
    PS- Is the big news a tattoo of your own? I can't wait!

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