25 December 2011

Merry Christmas from your eccentric host and I has ink V2.0

Well,nothing says Merry Christmas like Achmed ;)

I'm sorry I couldn't get any creepier.

I took a sabbatical from  blog world for a couple of days and I think mini-vacations work well for me lol.You should try one when you feel things are getting bat-shit crazy.Just switch off and do what makes you feel on top of the world.Pizza and SATC are my usual fixes apart from driving the boyfriend up the wall.Unfortunately traitor-boy has left town for a week and I was left being Carrie's groupie.

Enough jibber-jabber.On to another version of 

This week, let's meet Maria!


Account Manager (Insurance field/benefits administration support services)

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Age you got your first tattoo:

How many of them you got?
I have four pieces, but two of them started out as a simple piece and I went back at later dates and added to them.

The thought that went behind it/them (tell us a little about your rad ink):
My very first one was my zodiac sign, which is Taurus, on the nape of my neck. I’m totally a Taurus to a T. Stubborn, doesn’t like change, sympathetic, and yes even resentful a bit. It’s true that I harbor hard feelings though I try not to. I wanted something simple for my first one so I chose a nice simple design with duo colors, black and blue.
At a later time, I decided to have the sun, moon, and stars added to it to make the piece a little bigger. The additions were done by a different artist.

My second tattoo is the face of a tiger in gray wash on my right shoulder blade. Anyone that knows me knows that tigers are my passion. They are beautiful and majestic animals. I don’t know how to explain how I feel whenever I see one, I can’t find the right words. My dream in high school was to work with tigers, but my life has since taken me down a different path. Regardless, my passion for them never subsided. I believe they are the most beautiful creatures on earth. I had additions done years later by a different artist. He added some color to the tiger and included some stargazer lilies & brush. I’m not quite satisfied with the piece. The lilies were supposed to be tiger lilies but the artist talked me into certain colors, which no longer made them tiger lilies but turned them into stargazers. **Word of advice, once you’re set on something specific, do not let anyone talk into something different at the last minute.** I’m not happy with the piece right now. I plan on having the lilies changed to look like tiger lilies, which was the original plan, as well as touching up some things in the piece.

My third tattoo is a guardian angel on my left shoulder blade. When Princess Diana died, my coworker went around and handed out these guardian angel pins. I kept mine in my car hanging from my rear view mirror ever since. Back in 2007 I was involved in a tragic car accident. It was very traumatic and I was very lucky to come away from it considering I was the least injured of the three involved. I still have that guardian angel pin. I truly believe my guardian angel was with me that night. It changed a lot in my life and the tattoo resembles my experience and reminds me of how blessed I am to be alive today. I have plans to add to it. I’d like to touch up the color and add clouds to the background, then blend it over to meet the tiger piece in the middle, thus making it one full shoulder piece.

My fourth tattoo is on my inner left wrist. It’s two symbols in ancient Filipino script called Babayin. It says “lakas” which translated to English means “strength”. Flowing above from the script is a calligraphy pen to represent my writing. I write poetry and in some ways it’s a form of therapy. Through my writings I sometimes can come to terms with some things.

Got a favorite?:
My favorite used to be my tiger until we added the extra stuff. As I mentioned above, I’m not quite happy with it yet. My current favorite is the piece on my left wrist.

Reaction of your friends/family:
My mother has always been the stricter of my two parents, so of course she didn’t want me to have any tattoos. I had my tattoos for a few years before I even told her. They were all hidden so there was no reason to really point them out…that is until I cut all my hair off and the neckpiece would be visible. I then had no choice but to tell her. I have to say that she seemed to take it well. Of course there really wasn't much of a choice since it was already done. All my friends love them and I love telling the stories about them!

Have you ever run into any sort of negativity because of your tattoo:(work, etc):
Luckily I have not. Not even in my job field where professionalism is a must. The only one that would be visible during work is the wrist piece and when I’m to visit clients I wear a suit with a jacket that covers it. 

Your artist, and a little about him/her:
Each piece had a different artist. If I had a choice, I’d keep my original artist. His name has escaped my mind and the tattoo shop has since closed because the owners have taken their business on the road for traveling tattoo shows. My first artist was great. He was professional and I was satisfied with both pieces I received from him. My latest artist is Adam Smith from Animated Canvas (www.animatedcanvas.com). He’s also an old friend of mine. I plan on continuing my business with his shop because I’m very satisfied with their work.

Plan on getting any in the future? Tell us a little about them!:
I have several ideas! I’m planning on getting tiger paw prints but am still deciding exactly where I want to position that piece. As stated earlier, I have plans to have the tiger piece touched up some and adding a cloud background to the angel then blend together with the tiger piece to make one full shoulder/back piece. I’ve also plans for a piece with the 8 rayed sun & stars from the Filipino flag and am toying with the idea of incorporating the Pennsylvania state flag somehow. Those are the ideas that I’m certain of getting. I have other ideas but have not decided to commit to them yet.

What advice do you have for people procrastinating about getting one:
If you’re procrastinating because you’re not sure what to get, then procrastinate away! It is important to know exactly what you want as oppose to just jumping into something at the heat of the moment. Remember, this is something that you’ll have for the rest of your life. Or if not, you’ll spend tons of money removing it. I’m a firm believer of researching and knowing what you want before you put the needle to the skin. It is a permanent story of you.
However, if you know what you want and you’ve done your research but you’re procrastinating because you’re scared…don’t be! Yes, everyone has a different threshold for pain, but when you’re done and you’ve gotten something that has a special meaning to you, you’ll be proud of yourself for accomplishing it. It will then be your story to tell…


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