13 December 2011

{Freshly Pressed Designs}

I finished a couple of design works this week and last.You like?

Cerrisse was the joint winner of FTLOB and my Launch giveaway.She was so sweet with everything and I especially love that chevron background and the lacy bit at the top.

I also learned a thing or two while creating her design(I go haywire on experimenting..) and as usual every project is a learning experience for me.It was awesome creating something for you,girl! And,excuse us?HOW adorable is her baby?

Check out Briana's super minimalistic design here!She wanted something simple and clean-I actually grow a pair of wings when anyone mentions "minimalism" in design.She was super co-operative about everything too ^_^ and I'm kind of in love with her design.

So, this was my week-designing,happy clients and a bit of studying thrown in for good measure.
+Coffee+Good times with Sam+A surprise trip.

Next Design Projects are: Sarah {Custom Design}and Melissa {Giveaway Winner}


  1. they look great!!  I especially love the second one, mMm white space :]

  2. Thanks so much Victoria!! <3 So glad you like them :)

  3. I LOVE minimalistic designs as well-it doesn't have a lot going on,but what goes on must make a statement.
    I totally am in love with Bri's design.IT was really fun and totally my forte :)

  4. I really, really love the Besos by Bri design- lovely color scheme! Simple/minimalistic designs seem easy from an outsider's view, but I think it's one of the most difficult ways to design. Basically, you have to be a genius to make powerful statements with such little details... and you're fab at it! :)

  5. i love simple designs too! oh mmmmmm gosh, these are magnificent! i really love them, great job pretty lady! excited!!!!!!

  6. I'm so proud of you my love <3







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