16 December 2011

How's 7 for a number?The 7 links Challenge

It's probably my Slam book(remember those?) obsession that gets me drooling over memes.When I saw Jenny's post I TOTALLY wanted to steal it and then lo! 

There are ze categories.
I play "match the following" wiz them and show off posts that fit ze bill.
I tag some other awesome people to play along.

Most beautiful post:
How this skanky ho trapped a man - All about how strangers turn into soul mates-or how Sam bug and I came to be ^_^

Most Popular post:
Egypt and Ink -This post is about my first tattoo that I got in February of this year.Clicking on it you'll currently find a measly number of,uh.."0" comments.A glitch on the part of my domain transfer :( Anyway,what I loved about this post was that it REALLY struck up a conversation-which is every blogger's dream,fruitful reaction.Wonderful people I didn't know swooped down on this one and totally baroque-d it up ;)

Most controversial post: 
Taker,Snatcher Nothing seems amiss at an initial glance and nothing really happened around blogville to spark WW3.The major hiccups and fuck-ups were caused  when a friend from RL read this post and I automatically became the over-sharing moron with a corner on the web.Oh,the perks of putting your blog link on your Facebook profile.Truth is,I hardly care.Some people are meant to be transitional menaces in your life and I hardly ever write stuff to jab at anyone deliberately.Moronic hogs are inexcusable,of course.

Most Helpful Post:
Don't sweat over share buttons!-I'm doing blogger tutorials for FTLOB.So there!Have you added a share button yet?

A Post Whose Success Surprised You:
Again,has to be my tattoo posts.Reactions duuuuuude!

A Post The Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved:
There are no deferrals Tommy:Never Let Me Go  :Simply because I LOVED the movie.It moved me to the point of a silent retreat.Do watch :)

Post I'm most proud of:
16 going on 21: The first time I got really (bare-naked soul-lady)personal on my blog-all the three years I've blogged,on all of my three blogs I have been consciously impersonal or have revealed bits of myself with distinct,heavy boundaries.I remember having posted about my past relationship on a previous blog and then I shut it down.Acceptance and moving on has been a large part of growing up for me :)

My kills: Kristen,Shane,Vic,Bobbi.

P.s: .Don't forget to check back for my Friday Faves tomorrow and a new series on Sunday.Stay tuned.


  1. Absolutely not :D help yourself girl <3

  2. Love this idea, totally stealing it hope you don't mind :)







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