13 November 2011

Rather creative weekend

Firstly,a huge welcome to my new followers and a big thanks to the rad FTLOB community for everything.Thank you muchly.

Moving on,my first success this weekend was coming up with a custom twitter background for myself.After a few trials I managed to get the dimensions right so that the elements I wanted to show off was perfectly positioned and not hiding behind twitter's main column.Every since I launched my shop and business[pause]-it's still quite unbelievable to me-I have been looking for various ways of gaining exposure without being obnoxious or too in-your-face.And then it struck me[and 100s before me] that our online presence-consciously or unconsciously builds up a brand and twitter is a valuable tool if utilised properly[not auto-botly-which by the way is disgusting] could bring in some serious groovy traffic.And ofcourse there's something to be said about wearing something custom made-just puts that extra sprint in your e-step.So,if you have a business-just starting out-small or big,old or new-remember to build up your brand from the beginning.

click here to view it live

I just might add this service to my a la carte items.I so excite!

I also added a sunny new premade to my shop at Storenvy.Awesome thing about Storenvy?You pay no listing price!You heard it-none at all!I'm quite new there and  am yet to explore the community,support and transactions and might over time shift to Etsy-but this was a quite a gem of a discovery at the moment,don't you think?Quite useful for small indie businesses like myself.
Without further ado,here's the template I finished

Indie at heart

click [here] to view it live
 I have been meaning to include some flighty,feathery business into my templates for a while and came up with this.You like?
It also comes with a Welcome note,functional css text menu,calender date icon and 5 essential social network buttons.It's priced at $25 and can be bought at a 5% discount with the code howfabulous.

For now,I feel strangely contented-like I just received a giant belly rub-g'nnuuh.Other awesome finds this weekend includes this fabulous song-turn-it-up,yo!

How was your weekend?


  1. haha it took me a fair few tries!hehe

  2. It took me forever to get the twitter background right for my company's twitter account! :/ Yours looks so cool! :D

  3. That's so sweet of you!Thanks for checking out! I did that ou dig :D

  4. You really have the best of all worlds here, great photos and real life, funny writing..   I dig it :]


  5. I'm proud to have YOU as a sister. <3 You and ty have been with me through everything :) love you

  6. couldn't have done it without your help :)REALLY! Thanks for the support and love! :)

  7. Haha thanks,Kristen! <3 means a lot! :)

  8. You're so good at designing! I'm proud to be your sister!!! :)

  9. I love the new template! and of course all your fab looks! the twitter one I seen last week and meant to tell u it looked beautiful.....LOVE it to the moon and back! i'm so happy to be at this new blog of yours Sweta, i love your humor and how well this is turning out for you my dear, much love to a productive week;-)

  10. I seriously am in love with your style! Your designs freakin rock- that's why your so content :) 







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