12 November 2011

Don't you totally want this?

Visit me!

FTLOB is celebrating one year of genuine and rock-solid support in helping our blogs grow.Go enter their giveaway and win a blog overhaul by me!Run!
**Open to blogger blogs only.


  1. Thanks Kristen ,that means a lot!I'm really grateful to the ladies at FTLOB-they have been really supportive about this!Couldn't ask for more :)
    Also,I'm sure you can totally churn up something totally rad for yourself-I love your stuff-especially the blackbird logo you created-yea I went through all of it-you need to get a restraining order-soon! haha. <3 Keep on practicing!

  2. Yay Sweta! That's a totally awesome giveaway idea. I'm not going to enter even though I want to! It would feel like cheating since I'm going to school for design and I need all the practice I can get. Someone more fortunate needs your killer skills! I just wanted to say that I love your designs and your aesthetic, and just make it a point that you totally rock :) Good luck to whoever wins!







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