09 September 2011

My life as a literature student V1.

*FTLOB weekly prompt

Because version 1.0 just sounds so much cooler than Part 1.
I might have mentioned in passing that I'm a student of English literature-my writing reflects none of that erudition and carefully cultured sophistication.Like the cavalier poets I'm probably of  a new decadent genre called the "tramp writer".Bah.

So this week's been crazy.The syllabus in the third and concluding year is so much more vast and  interesting as opposed to  the incommodious time of completion .Thus we are left revering in the high imagination of the Romantics to questioning a diminutive self perception of Post Modernism in a matter of few hours.
Lamb to The Last ride Together.Jimmy Porter's angst,chauvinism and anger.Toru Dutt's Casuarina tree.R.K Narayan's post colonial  visions.
Just in the day in the life of a Literature student.


  1. I miss being a student.

    It's been what? Almost a decade since I graduated from college.

    Oh damn!


  2. gotta agree with gnetchy...i miss the craziness of the student life...been 5 years...maybe one of these days I'll wake up and want to study again!

  3. Thanks Sweta, I miss my English Major days till date...

    PS. I so love your new blog design. Its supa! **Mwah**
    PPS. U asked, wat cam do I use. My reply: Canon EOS 1000D :)

  4. I don't know how I'd deal with work..atleast I can bunk classes...I'd kill myself at work. <3

  5. Aww Pooja you must have been in a lovely college.I'm in a Catholic School as strict as the Roman rule :(

  6. :) I'm loving the third year course!
    haha thanks!!glad you like it!
    I love your photos! <33 keep it up!







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