08 September 2011

Celeb status and Thursday Ink

When I started blogging 3 years ago I had no idea that it would be such an integral part of my identity.I may not be a writer,but I am a blogger and for now that seems and sounds fulfilling.Blogging has given me an insight into many things that I wouldn't have come across had I merely flipped channels or the pages of a newspaper.Moreover,blogging has given me some amazing friends..you know who you are <3
But to come to the point I've been revolving around,I have ascended to alleged celebrity status(according to me) on Pooja's blog.She featured me on her Wednesday Wonders as first in the series of blogs she loves and wishes to share with her readers-I.Am.Pysched!!Thank you so much Pooja-I'll mix my meanest poison for you :D
Guys,head over and show her some love!

Now for something new 

Well,I love tattoos and always admire beautiful body art and so I thought I'd bug  beg  ask around all of you beautiful people around blogville with their equally special tattoos if they'd like to share theirs and the story behind it on my blog.I remember Pooja mentioning hers when I blogged about my second tattoo and lassoed her in ^_^
This is going to be a weekly series if I find enough of you awesome people to showcase.Have one and want to share?Shoot me an email at swetablogs[at]gmail.com.
Back to the lovely PG.
She is this amazingly cool blogger who is from my city(yaay),writes like I believe she converses and has an amazing Life list that she never looses sight of.

Ladies and gents(the wanderers and the regular-thank you Nas )-Pooja from Yellow Roman Candles on her beautiful ink.

Thanks for sharing,Pooja!The ink is just beautiful and I love the positioning :)


  1. I am excited to soon have a tattoo.

  2. Congratulations :)


  3. The tat is awesome!!!

    And your "interview" on Pooja's blog is more awesome!
    (I am selectively online too!!! :D )

  4. Great :) would love to see yours :)

  5. Isn't it?simple and awesome!
    Haha selectively online is so awesome :D It took me sometime to figure it out :D but now I can't live without it :P

  6. A lovely person writing about another lovely person. Does the loveliness ever end? :D

  7. Came here through Pooja's blog.. and I automatically like any inked lady, being one myself! :P :) I have two tattoo's and am getting a third one, hopefully very soon. :) 


  8. Hi annie!thanks for dropping by!I have been reading your blog for ages :) Love the second tattoo.g'luck on the third!







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