16 September 2011

Cinema workshop

"Is cinema a language?" the visiting professor asked.I nodded my head vehemently in the dark,numerous thoughts spreading their limbs and making an effort to escape the vortex of my sleepy mind.Of course he didn't see.I didn't mean him to,and before long the mic was passed to somebody else who boomed a negative into it.

I will not google the definition of language nor its use,my fragmented conceptions serve me a generous dollop of understanding of it's use and purpose.To express.To emote.To say what whatever the fuck we want to say.Take a meandering route-to grow.Cinema is thus a medium and hence a language for those who mean it to be,for those who are more of a story-teller than a cash-register ringer.Cinema entertains.Educates.Sometimes it's not meant to be liked,just understood.

Some to make you cry.

Some to drive you nuts.

Some others to mesmerize whether you understand what the moving pictures mean or not.

Based on The Tyger by William Blake.

Some people are born to be boring and the harmless little professor who no doubt scales the heights of erudition was quite so-boring.Droning.A lullybying effect.His voice was A Cradle Song and all of us snored peacefully or slept in snatches-snug in the A/c happy to escape the Indian heat,mostly terribly hungry.

I don't think we would have learned much even if we were awake since he was neither audible nor articulate even with a mic.Poor,dear old man.
What I did get a hint of was the way a text is adapted into a film-with its various anomalies,dimensions and the directer's license-not enough to mould a career out of it,but enough to pen an experience.

based on the short story by Ambrose Pierce.


  1. What a great post! As a film lover, I really enjoyed everything about this. 

  2. Thank you so much! :) Glad you like.Frankly,I thought I would have no takers for this one.But what the hell,right?We write what we love to write. :)

  3. This is definitely a nice post







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