29 June 2011

30 days of Truth # 3- Objection over-rule,over-ruled

Dear  Mr.Hade(Head),

I know you have been pacing the corner office for long,it's a miracle you haven't slipped on the polished floor that reflects back-your good and bad and sometimes unfairly threatens to make you fall smack on your ass.Power to you for holding up with dignity-I know how difficult it is since you are programmed to be a schmuck.But you rise above.
I know the juvenile creature down below sometimes makes it difficult for you.And I know I often go with her.She can be silly at times,so silly that she feels rattling the ceiling with the butt of her broomstick is going to make you go back on your word. 
I know I have been hard on you that time,and many other times-but that time the most.I almost went back on my word and was about to dive head-first into the murky funk again.I'm glad you do most of my thinking for me,for Miss Hart(Heart) can be way too melodramatic and blind for her own good.I'm sorry I doubted your intentions when you whispered and then blew the trumpet in my ear,telling me to live for me  and to get the hell out-for nothing really comes out of a relationship where you are the standing circus freak with a tattered motley.
I need to forgive you and me both, for the ongoing battle that we waged on my sanity,for doubting the best decision you helped me make in my life.I've hurled profanities at you and myself-delusional and lost.
I have no idea what really went on there for 4 years-or,let's just say I did and was probably too high on something nasty to actually SEE it.Your solicited advice has made me realize that no matter where and with whom, in a relationship when you are willing to change too much of yourself for acceptance-it's time to question your value in it,and the impact it has on your life.The rest is unwanted territories I don't wish to cross at this moment,but I'm grateful that you were with me through them.Thank you for holding up my train through the murk and not stuffing my face back in the stifling clay where it often deserves.
I have one more thing to ask of you-forgiveness, if you will-for the bitching,for driving you up the wall at odd hours,the repeated and unlawful attempts to silence you.I had even considered one of Mrs. Lovett's pies out of spite.I have forgiven myself.I had aid,yes,yours most of all.
And,to answer your question-yes I'm happy.

Yours truly,
The Landlady

Dear Miss Hart,

I'm sorry you lost this one.But I need you to stay with me.

Sincerely yours,
The Landlady


  1. Best letter ever!

    I would write a letter for me too but I think I'm just going to cuss myself over and over. :p

  2. haha it took a lot of strength not to :P love you :)







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