26 June 2011

Digital Extension- or how my gadgets echo my personality

  ..not by Dan Brown,but by me.

This is the story of a little girl who got lost in the woods one day and stumbled upon the world of gadgets.It wasn't a gingerbread house and she hasn't encountered any witches so far,but it has been a fascinating journey to say the least.
That little girl is me(where "little" is open for debate)

To introduce myself,I prefer sign language and brandishing a few crazy pictures to give you an idea of my heightened mojo because I can talk about  anything in the world with non-sensical allusions,except myself.For a pseudo,selfrespecting narcissist-that is a hurdle. I don't have a time machine that would speak for itself- that I parley with King Tut on weekends and go Desi on apparels with Gandhi and have coffee on one of those Boston tea-parties.Yet I try,and this is me trying.

I’ll be there for you( whether you like it or not)
I’ll be there for you to reckon with-online.2pm,2am.4pm,5:30 am. My misleading statements may hoodwink you into thinking that I’ll be a valuable addition to one of those Outsourcing units .It may or maynot be so-I'm mostly leaning towards maynot. I feel as if I’m missing a limb or all if  the dreaded “connection failure” dialogue boxes pop up-truth be told I have a strip of sorbitrates within arms reach for emergencies such as these.So I decided to cut loose and get myself a smart phone.

My Nokia E-5 is not an i-phone and I’m only 30k richer in the bank accounts (for now-that’something I don’t remember having 30k..)My networking jobs are done with élan and ease.I’m notified of new tweets or emails on my homescreen.Facebook and Twitter are just a few pattering of buttons away on the trusted Snaptu.Texting is so much easier and less tiring with the QWERTY keypad.Hell,I could go on without seeing my friends for weeks,yet I must leave my digital signature imprinted on them-and in this my phone is stuck to me like walls to Spiderman’s thumbpad.

Also,remember what phones were originally made for?Talking.Yea.I’m the passive aggressive caller.The first words that Alexander Graham Bell spoke into the phone(and et voila!it worked) was “Please come Watson, I need you!”(pun unintended,ofcourse)-yea I’ll do that to you if I have your number and we are kinda close.You can do that to me too.

I tunes
If you were born in the nineties,or survived it-you must have had walkman,right?A sony one most likely.I did,too.AA bateries and fluffy earphones were my personal nirvana-whether on train rides or on the treadmill(fat kid,yo!).
I buffered the whole Cd-man era and landed up with an ipod 4g.Elcectric blue and sleek,a mixture of rounded and sharp edges-it is me all the way.
The Show off
Everybody does that right?Especially if you’re thirteen.I couldn’t complete a single game without a cheat,yet for a brief time I rejoiced having  Gameboy Advance to tote around.However for a change,I did get to the end of NFS underground and Castlevania on this.Woohoo.
Not to mention my killer instincts while I brought down ducks on T.V,with vengeance!Duck hunt anyone?

T-200 Cyborg father(I could only be kidding,but you never know)
This one is a valuable inheritance,folks.
I’m pretty sure the man never sleeps.He is the last to go to bed and the first up.Has the heart rate of a 25 year old and at 55 not a single grey.He is the exact antipode of my lazy junk-food eating self.I’m pretty sure I’d be snowed by  30 and dead by 35.Macbeth and Banquo folks-extension of my personality in a grotesque,intimidating way.

Vintage Vogue
To pick up on the history strain,to be tongue in cheek and with a sub-sandwich with satire sauce in hand,let me tell you Skippy,I'm a history nerd.I positively weep with pleasure and am besotted with dusty old magnanimous world-changing events.
Treaty of Versailles?1919.My Ram? 1 Gb DDR.
Pearl harbour?7 December 1941 (ironically the day my parents got married 40 years later...hmm.)
My processor?3 Ghz..single core!
Windows Xp!Sp 3!
Get the drift?I'm a good person to have under an invisibility cloak or on wire on a history exam(tsk! ).But heavy core push-me-down-heave-ho-digital lifting?Not enough protein shake.

Au contraire, I remember having a computer in the house for as long as I can remember.My dad had one of those gargantuan floppy booting ones in the late-eighties to early nineties.Later on we moved to one booting a windows 95 and I remember fighting with dad to play Minesweeper (scoff!?don't!) or that pixelly Prince of Persia thing.Our home was one of the firsts to get one of those crackling dial-up VSNL connections in the city .I played spongebob and barbie flash games and bumped up the telephone bill, and when dad upgraded to a broadband connection I’m pretty sure I threw a party.
On a serious note dad’s old lenses are kind of a treasure trove.If you’re a photography geek you’ll appreciate the value of film cameras , 55mm micro nikkor and a  slightly different 70-210 zoom lens and the lot-all back from the 80’s alive,kicking,wooing.
There’s a mixture of old-school and  rambunctious farsightedness in me and instances such as these allow me to reflect how, even if on coincidence,my personality dictates and wraps my head around the things I use.
A Picture is a Thousand Words or The Pathological Picture taker
..And with two cameras strapped to my hip,it becomes a whole lot easier.
My first digital camera ( not counting the two meg one on my old Nokia n-70) is the Canon point and shoot-it gets the job done at a party or wildfire outings with friends.But if you’re int aesthetics like me,a DSLR is all the way to go.
I have been shooting some with my dad’s old Nikon f3,but I lack the patience of clicking,waiting and then being totally shocked at how bad the pictures turned out.I’d rather see it right then.Since I’m just learning the ropes and am majorly impatient,digital was the way to go.So, early this year dad got me an entry level DSLR a NIKON(ofcourse) D3100.

And it was a good buy ,for,in a Nikon you can use lenses from far back in the 50s since they haven’t changed their mount (the ring where the lenses make themselves comfy).And,like my Nikon,old and new, you won’t find elements of radicle change in me.Whimsical on other accounts,but not on my outlook or the way I see the world.Change if  be,must be gradual, easy to deal with and logical.Those are the fixed elements in me and it feels good when you have something in hand which reflects your personality.

This post is written for Indiblogger's Change is Easy  contest sponsored by Dell Inspiron Laptops.Change is easy?Dell makes it seem so,in a practical enough way with oodles of oppurtunity to personalise.Human beings are multidimensional and the Change is Easy line of laptops reflects that very strain in everyone.It reflects your individuality.It shows how alike you can or want to be.It's the Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of modern technology with much less toxic and much more fascinating consequences.

What do your gadgets say about you?


  1. fascinating read. nice of nikon to facilitate the smooth transition to digital cameras by not changing the mount for lenses ;) hope you win so you can add what the dell inspiron says about you! good luck!

  2.  thank you so much :) it's one of the many reasons to go for a nikon than anything else-other than ofcourse if you're talking hasselbald and the lot.
    Here's a lot of hoping :)

  3. With this post? I'm sure you're gonna win!!! I'M SURE!

    Like, SO positive!!!

  4. wow! ur dad was quite an early adopter! great post, all the best

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  6. Commenting for the first time on your blog and must say you have a wonderful style and way of expressing... your opening lines set the tone of your narrative... and yes i loved the way you have designed your blog... looks soothing and beautiful! keep writing... :)








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