18 May 2011

Your Inked lady

So finally I got my second tattoo after weeks of mulling over designs,creating,rejecting almost getting something horrible done and getting checked in the process (that's what best friends are for,thank god).
Carpe Diem.
A phrase that has come to mean a lot to me only recently.I had a certain inclination towards it while we studied the Metaphysical poets in college last year and their modern (like seventeenth century modern;) }treatment of  Horus' ancient theme.
.I love meaningful tattoos-one which has something behind it-a reason,a thought or some belief-makes it all the more special,methinks.Both of my tattoos are very close to my heart and I believe I have chosen them wisely for frankly I'll never stop being a Leo,loving Egypt or attempting to procrastinate.

Why Carpe Diem? 

"....Come, let us go while we are in our prime ;
And take the harmless folly of the time.
       We shall grow old apace, and die
       Before we know our liberty.
       Our life is short, and our days run
       As fast away as does the sun ;
And, as a vapour or a drop of rain
Once lost, can ne'er be found again,
       So when or you or I are made
       A fable, song, or fleeting shade,
       All love, all liking, all delight
       Lies drowned with us in endless night.
Then while time serves, and we are but decaying,
Come, my Corinna, come, let's go a-Maying."
{Corrina Goes A-maying by Robert Herrick}
carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.
I procrastinate too much-the last four years of my life have been proof of that.I let go more than I could gather and it hasn't been exactly spiffy.So the newest ink of mine is a reminder that I shouldn't let that happen again.You never know where life's going to take you and sometimes it's just necessary that you let it and enjoy what comes your way.Belief,positivity and an open mind takes you places and you might as well enjoy the journey and also whatever it is at the end of it with a pinch of acceptance and good humour.
Also because I'm absolute sucker for Latin quotes and that particular period of literature which made a novel treatment of this wonderful concept.
And the wings? Synonymous with letting my mind soar-for creativity,peace and tolerance.
On a different note,here's a conversation that took place between my and my tattoo artist after it was done

T A: I expect a feedback *mild smile*
Super Excited me:Oh yes! I've been tweeting about it all day!and there'll be more!!
TA:OH no..I meant..
ME:Oh yes,YES!You should get a twitter!!!!
T A:I meant the Guest Book..

The thing is,I entered  the studio's Valentine Lucky Draw while getting my first tattoo in February.The winner gets a 5 sq inch tattoo free[whoop!].The Winner came out of the bowl and was..li'l ol' me.(hallelujah!)

I got a phone call from the studio informing me and telling me to spread the word on Facebook and for "feedback"[ good for business,fair enough].
So yea.
[The back  of my mind continuously  counsels me,thank you very much and I refuse to get well.*wink*]
that's my story.
What's yours?Do you have tattoos? Planning to get any?I would love to see and read about yours.:)


  1.  Yes, have a tattoo too! It's a guitar with a wing. If you ask me why...I'll tell you, you don't know how much music means to me. I mean no...I don't do it professionally or something. I cannot get through the day without listening to music. Every low or high point in my life has some lyrics attached to it. It sets me free, gives me wings to fly. That's why. " Music sets me free, because!"

    I love your tattoo! It's super brill! And I love the reason you got it :)

  2.  Your write ups are powerful (and the tattoo as well!). Great job!

  3. I really love (read: jealous of) your tattoo!!! And I love its meaning.

    Gawd! I can't wait to get my own. But I have to be patient. I need a new job first.

  4.  Beautiful tattoo! :D.
    And you're right, things such as these shouldn't be random, but serve a purpose / mean something (or so I think). And it's good you know what it is. :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Take care

  5. Love it, thanks for sharing... tattoo is pretty! 

  6.  I get it..the idea of your tattoo is absolutely lovely..I know lots of people who are passionate about music..and they have absolutely good taste in music.Sometimes you need something creative,some melody to yank you out of the funk that life keeps putting you into.Do you have a pic? I would love to see it :)

  7.  Thank you so much :) Glad you liked it.

  8.  Thanks Gnetchy :) I hope you you get a kickass job soon and it rains money so that you can get a F-A-B tattoo.And then' I'll be super J :D hug :D

  9.  Thank you :) IT's lovely seeing you back on my blog :)
    T.C :)

  10.  aww thank you.Do you have a blog? please post the link I'd like to see :)

  11.  I know what I need to know. Yet your story tells me so much more. Lovely post madame. Keep them coming.

  12. First, I love your tattoo!!!! Second, I had been wanting a tattoo since I was 15 (I'll be 28 next month) and I had put a lot of thought into it and I knew that whatever I got, had to be something meaningful and unregrettable.

    So, here is my story behind the two that I have.

    They are both located on either wrist. The one on my left wrist says "let it be" not just because I love the Beatles but because I'm one of those people, who, can't leave things alone. It's a struggle I have but am starting to accept and it's to remind me that, no matter what happens or no matter how people behave, it's best to just "let it be". (if that makes sense).

    My second tattoo was also my first. I have Roman numerals on my right wrist. 5-6-30. My Mom and I are both born on the 30th but she's born May 30th and I'm born June 30th. Plus, my Mom is pretty much my best friend and so it means that much more. 

    I plan on getting at least two more. I'm going to get the word "cancer" tattooed most likely inked on my lower back. It has two meanings. The first is, my zodiac sign is cancer but the symbol is shaped like a 69 and that doesn't fly too well with me. So, I have settled on getting the word and the other reason is, my Mom is a two time breast cancer survivor and it means a lot. 

    The forth tattoo I want and I'm thinking of getting this one in between my shoulder blades or a little higher (still unsure) and I want to get the line from Lady GaGa's Born this Way song. The line is "cause God makes no mistakes".  When I first heard the song, I thought of Madonna (like everyone did...you know Express Yourself) anywho...that particular line stands out to me. Because when I sit back and think about it, God creates EVERYONE as equals and He knows that if He made us all carbon copies, the world wouldn't be this wondrous place we're all so eager to explore and eager to learn from one another. And honestly, God is the ONLY one who can judge you and He really doesn't make any mistakes. (again, if that makes any sense)

    Sorry, I rambled on and on...but I figured it's best to back myself up regarding the meanings of my two tattoos plus the two future ones I want. =)

  13. i wanted to have a tattoo some five years ago or so but i'm not sure if i really wanted it that much. worse i might regret having one. as to the design, i can't think of any that's meaningful to me. so there goes my plan of having one.

  14.  That's a good decision..you don't want to have something on your skin that you look at it and hate it everyday, right? :) Either wait for inspiration to strike ..in the meantime admire other people's tattoo's xD

  15.  No..this was absolutely great :) I love striking up conversations in comments( nerd alert) and I blog partly for myself and partly to interact and share ideas with people and so it's great when dsomeone posts a meaningful comment..makes me feel that sharing my thoughts had been worthwhile :)

    I love your tattoo ideas.All of them."Let it be" seems to be a very prudent message to be inked into your skin.. over the years I have learnt that this policy is rather handy.

    Secondly-I LOVE roman numeral tattoos..something very archaic about them.And Guess what? my mum and I were born on the same day/date too :) 31st july..only 26 years apart :D

    The Cancer tattoo touched me the most :) G'luck with getting them done. xx

  16.  You've got to know :)And I'm churning these out cos you pushed me into a a corner till I cried OKAY. :p

    No really..I could only get back to doing what I love because you showed me so many dimensions to it.Thank you for that :)

  17. I know it's hard to continue what you left. Picking it up from where you left is the hardest. But you came through and that's what matters. Many people are pouring their insights too, means they missed u too ;)..a glorious comeback. Cheers!

  18. Beautiful beautiful tattoo:-) I wish I had the guts to get a tattoo. I just can't commit to something that permanent, but I'll live vicariously through everyone else with some pretty ink! xoxo

  19.  Tattoos really aren't my thing, but I definitely appreciate the artistry of a nice design. Yours is beautiful!

    Carpe diem is something I first heard in a movie years ago and it always stuck with me. I love the idea behind it and try to take opportunities that come my way.

  20.  I agree and it feels good to be back.. and thanks for all the inspiration and the back-patting. Feels good :) <3

  21. That's a good idea..a fleeting and bad ink is better than no ink.Not everybody likes the same thing and that's okay :)We all have our pretty things to share <3
    Lovely blog,btw.The Baby post made me go AWWWW :)

  22. Not everybody likes the same thing,and that's alright :D 
    I fell in love with Carpe Diem while I rummaged through poems that embody that idea.Never thought of getting it tattooed though..last year this time I had no idea that by this time I'd be inked-twice! I always had a love for tattoos but didn't know any good places in my city so getting one was out of the question.So when I heard of this amazing place I thought it was time get some of those ideas out of my head and onto my skin :)







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