22 May 2011


I wonder how people lived before the internet-were they even stabbier than before? Were they zombies? Did the internet break the curse and turn them back into their non-Inferi status with its magical,healing touch?
For as long as I can remember back into the mid-nineties we've had an internet connection(brag much?)..that while connecting via the telephone line made such a profane use of sound , always made me wonder if anybody would pick up and go "Hello!Serial killer on the line.."

So where was I?Yes,exhausted.So a couple of days ago I tried to harness my old horse with a heavier sadle,that is,my six year old desktop running a 1 GB DDR[like antique in geekspeak] with the super sleek windows 7.

I hadn't ever gone all the way with the OS in the cradle before- formatting drive,loading OS,etc and I value my happy hours at my computer and my sanity way too much to give it up to ignorant impulses.So, I had a friend over who'd rather kill a man than jarr  those succulent circuits surging,racing with 0s and 1s-duly misinformed that I'm running a DDR2 RAM [2 is always better than 1,greedy-yo!] by none other than me.
So he got to work-connecting a new harddisk,formatting booting it with the new OS.Things proceeded with minor hiccups,but we wrote it off as technical bad debts.
My biggest fear while uninstalling or reloading my modem driver is that I wouldn't be able to get it working again and then the dark days would begin.I would probably creep into a corner and weep myself to sleep loathed by the Internet Gods for seeking sanctity elsewhere.
But by sheer brilliance he managed to load it up and soon enough the first window that opened on my newly installed OS was the MSN homepage.
Long-story short,necessary softwares installed (Office,photoshop,VLC player,) leaning back and admiring our goodwork[I held the torch while he fitted circuits-no little effort goes unnoticed in my book] with Words of Silence and some smoke -when.it.froze.
and Again.
When the 24098789 th restart allowed me to dig into the problem and  figure out that Win7 actually needs 700-1GB of physical memory to perform like your average cake eating child-I was crestfallen.The Microsoft website put the minimum requirements at 1 GB.Figures,the only thing you can do with that is-nothing.Absolutely nada.For a multitasker like me with her 52 tabs,pshop and downloads in the background-the new system was like the Fat Lady(or Fridwulfa-whoever floats your boat) in Fleur Delacour's bikini,already bursting at the seams.
At 9:30 pm I considered dragging my old man off his arse and buying a shiny new RAM.
Except,that wasn't the only problem.My whole system was grossly outdated-and it would need a quite a bit of somethingsomething to bring home the new mistress.Dejected,I decided to revert back to Xp when it froze again in the middle of my Dexter therapy.

Have you never felt your toes go all numb,felt your heart drop to your stomach and crippling pains crawling up your spine?We all have,we just like to think we are the only ones.Full-blown panic attacks.Now let me tell you I don't spend all my time checking wall posts,tweets and following blogs like a rabid-stalker with her nose pressed up against everybody's e-window .Wait.That does sound like me.

I do have a social life,but I value my circuit veined friend that sits atop a wooden desk too much.So I took matters into my own hand and went to the operating table armed with the rusty,but trusty XP disc .Aided through phone calls by my dexterous friend I managed to revive my dead PC.It was pushing 2:30 and my screen looked circa early '90s without the Graphics driver.105 mb downloads and 30 minutes later I was ready to drop dead.
The only comfort was that the screen looked a bit better-the icons not so pixelly and in-your-face.I missed the beautiful Win7 interface even though my affair with it had been extremely shortlived.

So I proceeded to dress the mutton and soon enough with a lot of cosmetic surgery[aka hacks and patches from a website]I managed to fool,well,myself.

The patched up mutton ;)Still running XP :D
And then there was this new design I had been working on-I couldn't get the codes right,decide on the colour scheme or icons yet I was adamant about change while the only thing I wanted was to turn on the ac,slip under the covers or watch Dexter slice some up.

I finally finished installing everything I need and started on the design and had it up by 3am live here.Still some tweaks left.I had a close shave of a victory from my tech fails.

Restored Sanctuary :)



  1.  Computers can be unnecessarily complicated sometimes! Like what the hell is DDR2 and DDR3?! Just goes whooosh over my physical memory.

    I like you desktop wallpaper 

  2.  Tell me about it!haha I just know DDR3>DDR2 lol in case of data bandwidth allocation.And?I don't even wanna go in there.

    Me likes the wallpaper too..Like is an understatement..I want that amount of skill with my camera :D

  3. u still want that graphics card?

  4.  u still want that graphics card?

  5.  oh yes,oh YESS :D
    Just to act my age..Why yes,that be good ;)

  6. Poor you! even a year back I had an old, really old computer wid a simple 1.2 GB DDR RAM which hanged itself after I kept torturing it wid hours of Sims 2 :(
    Unfortunately I didnt had enuf time to revive d poor thing!

  7. Ugh! Computer stuff! Haha.

    So yesterday, while me and my girl friends were busy getting drunk, one of my friend's bf installed a new OS to my laptop. Because I'm only using Win7 Starter. It so happened that the dude installed Vista. I think he mentioned it to me, I was just too drunk. (Hehe.)

    So last night, while drunk tweeting, I had a hard time using my laptop. Because of course, the settings have changed and Vista was annoying. So this morning, I went back to using Starter. Because I don't have the budget yet for Win7 premium.

  8.  LOl like dual booting? or formatted your drive?ehh...reloading drivers after an install of OS is a bitch.lol I've never used Vista..I've heard its buggy.
    Yaay. Win7 :D

  9.  my RAM doesn't hang with sims2...it just dies with win 7 :( NEED.RAM.A.S.A.P. ughh. I switched back before I killed it... I couldn't bear the thought of living PC-less lol

  10. ugh formatting is a pain in the ass. i hate it when my friends would ask me to do that kind of stuff.

  11.  I'd stab anyone who asks me to do that in the next 72 hours.Minimum recovery time needed.xD

  12.  absolutely :D selfreliance is the shiznit :P

  13. I understood about 1/4 of what you just wrote about. Haha.. But good for you!

  14. IT's basically about my computer circa OLD- trying to make it run an Operating System circa SLEEK..and then it crashing over,and over and over again and me being all super geek under pressure..mending it! xD 

  15. I have no idea what DDRs are. The only thing I know is that after 4 months in my new netbook I miss Vista. I must be the only person who likes Vista and XP better than Windows 7. And I could make the laptop function in Vista, but that would mean that I'd have to go to the tech guys the next day, since I would break something.
    I can clone genes though.
    So I'm not completely stupid.

  16. Lol it's a class of memory integrated circuits used in motherboards which controls the strictness and accuracy and speed of how data can be transferred or processed.The higher the DDR number,the better..and also DDRs cannit be upgraded or downgraded..like a DDR RAM will not work in a DDR2 motherboard and vice versa.

    I've never used Vista..I've heard it's buggy..hmm.
    Cloning  genes is COOL.WAY cooler than DDRs.Can you clone Brad Pitt for me? or Sam Worthington.Either or.Whoever is compliant :D







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