07 January 2012

Pass me the floater-20 poets,6 playwrights and 4 novelists are too much

I'm at sea,really - I wish I could say and capitalize LITERALLY,but then I would be lying.I don't lie.Usually.
Anyway,how's your start to the New Year going?Honestly,I don't  usually feel any change what with the date changing and all but this year I had plans.OOOH,yeah.Big,big ones. For those whose 2011 went crappy can get ready with clubs because I'm going to boast how well mine went.Well just this line- the big revelation will come round about next Monday.
As you might or might not know (follow me on twitter @_theswetakid,seriously!what are you doing?!) I'll be shifting to Wordpress and work is going with clipped wings at the moment what with me me being really busy with the aforementioned people in the title.Especially Mr.Eliot - he can be engaging and way too difficult to wrap my head around at the same time.But thanks to my lovely friend Amanda I'm all set with my new domain and a little Christmas gift I got myself- a little nifty tweaking here and there and big fat blog haul's all I need.
I refuse to post my awesome shabanzy  wrap up here and will stick to my original plans of having a good start over at the new place.2012,try to measure up - no pressure.(yea right)I also refuse to make any attempt to clean up after my typos - if I garve you my assword,I garve you my assword.That's just a part of me I need to embrace.

Oh by the way,do you have a Wordpress blog?I start offering Wordpress designs in February on the coolest platform ever - Genesis.Read that again.Yep,you read it right.I gots the powerr! And it's going to REALLY affordable - like $115 for a basic design affordable.

Also, a HAUGE welcome to my new readers.Really -a  confetti and balloony welcome!Thank you for your interest!I promise to check out all your blogs once this craziness is over :) And thanks to Cerrisse for sending them this way!By the way have you seen this juggernaut Giveaway she's hosting?

I'll just go back to slogging with my papers but this time I plan to schedule a few posts.I've always been skeptical about this because they never turn up on my time- even though I've adjusted my blog time a 1001 times.anyhow,let's just cross our fingers,keep calm and Expecto Patronus ( Pinterest is awesomely badass).

For now, drool over my pretty nails.

*Well technically my best friend did it,uhh.

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