09 December 2011

Friday faves :Week #1

This is something I've been meaning to do for a looong time- a weekly round up of of my favourite posts,that is.What with me being swamped with school,work and sometimes just spacing out,I end up just lurking and then vanishing right around the corner.I read,I have very many thoughts regarding the posts,yet I end up not saying how much I loved them.I don't like being that blogger.So I decided to take matters into my own hands,forsake all that has stopped me from doing this and whip my ass till I sprint to action and make a weekly series of this.I've been told I offer too many justifications-I just realized that it's kinda true,haha.

Anyway,moving on,my favourite posts this week are:

Dear Mackenzie: By Vic from These Hazel Eyes.Technically this was not written this week-but I felt it was worth showing off anyway(Can you see me rebelling against this weekly series already?).This one's such a heartfelt post and it reminded me every bit of what my father says while observing every little thing I do-that how miraculous it is see a part of you grow up into a healthy,happy human being,develop a personality and just live.Apparently it's not my forte at the moment-I guess I'll be able to tell that 10-12 years from now if and when I'm prepared to bear a child of my own and I'll probably have a hearty laugh at today's naivety.Till then,I'll thrive on that feeling vicariously.

A Letter to my current self: By Bobbi from Today I'm Bobbi. "I think that it's great to write letters to your past self and your future self. Things you wish you could have known and reminders for the future of how far you've come.
But sometimes you need to write letters to your current self."
I agree,and I agree.I've come this far in life where I don't regret the mistakes I've made(that could also be because I haven't killed somebody,yet) because I've learnt something from each and everyone of them.Somehow these mistakes and bad decisions make me appreciate the good things in my life even more.

Does everygirl want to be a ballerina?: by Bella from One Sister's Rant-reminded me of my own reluctance towards Indian classical dance classes in my childhood.I did take them to make my mother happy,on other days I just froze in position and wished the clock would tick faster.
It's really hard to pick a favourite from Bella's blog-she comes up with a bomb every time!I made a good evening of stalking her past posts the day I discovered her blog.My favourite are of course Roxy's adventures.
Any blogger with a dog is automatically categorized under OMGAwesome in my book.

Sharing the past-7 links challenge:by Jenny from Oh So Very Me.What better than a round up what I've missed?Loved every post on the list!I love how sassy she is.
Watch this space for something similar for me-for I've been le tagged!

Have a favourite post of the week?Leave the link in the comments section.Want to show off your faves of the week?Email me at swetablogs{AT}gmail{DOT}com.


  1. Sweta, catching up on your blog posts and may I say Roxy and I are tickled pink to be included in your list? Thank you, friend! I'm so delighted you enjoy my blog and I thank  you for your kind words, lady! :)

  2. I loved that post :) just brings back some many memories past and present hehe.
    Aww,glad you liiike ;) I'm in love with it myself :P haha You'll enjoy the others,I'm sure :)

  3. Yaay!Glad I could enrich your bloggy reading ^_^ You have some lovely posts going on yourself :)

  4. Great pics!  I enjoyed reading them all and even chose to follow 2.  Thanks for sharing Sweta :)

  5. oooooh i love u! how sweet dahhhhling:) i also am loving the shit out of this new design---frickin....RAD! as always, you are amazzzzing! checking these other bloggers out, enjoy the weekend love! xo







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