06 November 2011

Sundays at home

Sundays at home are never lazy on account of my dad's military rule.The guy never,ever sits still.He is either fixing or cleaning something or the other,or tuned in to his work.And me?I be the laziest person you've ever laid eyes on.I'm a truckload of lazy.So,today dad as usual was  drilling away at something(huge D.I.Y guy) and that seemed to cause a spot of tension in Gypsy(furry creature).I was rolling around in my blanket with a cup of coffee checking and re-checking how fatal a blow  the url change hath dealt to my blog.After a while I felt motivated to do something and so I grabbed my camera and found that my dad wasn't a half bad subject this morn.The natural light  coming in from the window was an added bonus.

Dad at work.

His usual expression on seeing a pair of idle hands(usually me)
And me,with my new glasses!(Oh,a mirror photo-how original!)
I got new glasses-my eye is actually better now.Couple of months ago I had surgery in my left eye.Wearing wrong specs had resulted in ugly bulbous things that not only drove me to a pirate patch but were a bitch to have hanging around my eye.Hence,surgery.Apart from the doctor's suggestion, I understood that the glasses were not right for me because I could not manually focus with my camera.My eyes hurt and I usually left them at home resulting in even blurrier shots.What a pain.The new glasses solved all that.A thousand pagan Gods saved the day.
My dad used to freelance as a photographer when he was young.He was,and still is brilliant at it.Shooting in film,he had his own darkroom-I don't think I'll ever have that kind of patience.I am pretty happy shooting in digital-though I hear shooting with a  manual film camera is even more fun and challenging.I have to try that sometime before I reach a point in life where hobbies not only take a backseat-they are politely thrown out of the car.
I also had plans to watch a play today-however it didn't occur to me that shows for a stalwart production like King Lear need to be pre-booked.FAIL.The evening wasn't entirely wasted though-Bug(boyfriend extraordinaire) and I rolled around our usual rug of funny,heh.

How was your weekend?


  1. Thank you! :)
    My dad is holding an ancient manual drill lol-he was making holes in a bucket.
    Steampunk?Oh that is cool!
    Tanks for stopping by!

  2. Haha I posted gruesome photos on twitter :P Yea,I'm quite alright now,phew! <33
     Oh we have?I'll talk to him then,don't think he'll mind :D
    Love you!!

  3. Great pics. What is your dad holding in that first picture? 
    Stopping by from FTLOB. 
    It's cool that glasses solved the problem, it makes me feel more empowered to wear the prescription goggles I have...steampunk style. 

  4. Aw. I didn't know you had an eye surgery. Glad you're okay now!!!

    Also? Have you told your dad about the arrangements we've made with Ty? You know? The one about him adopting two other Asians? :p

  5. Hi Julie!Thanks for stopping by!
    I won't call myself aa photographer-I'm just a girl with a camera who sees the world as she pleases :)
    I have immense respect for photographers and their amazing abilities to freeze beautiful moments in time :)I bet you're a wonderful model for him ;)

  6. Hello Sweta! 
    Stopping by from FTLOB. My husband is a photographer too. I really admire the way photographers see different things through the lens. Have a great rest of the weekend!







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