07 November 2011

In which my friend goes LUMOS!

That thing in her hand which looks like something they would sell at Olivander's?That's a cracker.Fizzle,pop!
This photo was entered into the iheartfaces Photo challenge at www.iheartfaces.com

This is my favourite shot from this year's Diwali.For all my overseas readers,Diwali is an Indian festival,popularly known as the "festival of lights" and celebrated around mid-October or mid-November for various reasons.However,in modern times the return of Lord Rama after 14 years of banishment in the forest is held as the principle cause for all the ladida.Thousands of diyas(purdy lights in earthen vessels with oil) were lit and lots of hot Aryan women thronged the streets to welcome him back to civilization .On Diwali light triumphs over darkness as good over evil and everybody ushers peace and prosperity into their homes.That,friends is only the tiny curled corned of the 's' in shabang!
In India,fireworks and crackers are legally available to the public(yaay?).My friends are avid cracker enthusiasts and they had bought a butt-load of them to be sent scampering into the sky over to my place.Frankly speaking,the hiss and spit and the crackling scares me(you have to pay me to go anywhere near naked fired,water or high places-dear lord,what else did I leave out?) and I just usually stay out of the way.While they were busy doing what they were doing, I scoured the skies for pretty lights with my camera in vain.Turns out you need a hot damn bit of luck to predict from which direction somebody is going to light up the sky,position yourself and take a decent shot.The Calcutta Diwali night scene isn't really similar to Sydney Harbour bridge on New Years.Tragic.
Back to Earth,when I first took this shot of Andy's I was kinda impressed with myself(amateur,yo!) as she was moving a lot(like a hell lot,down girl!) but her face seemed to be in focus with a nice blurry movement about her hands and body.Also,I'm bad with low light pictures(remind me to buy a tripod) but this has turned out to be a nice candid shot of hers as she usually is-buzzing,bubbling and popping with energy.It was just today that I noticed how "lumos"y this looked and at times-happy and beautiful as she looks,(here) she could give Bellatrix a run for money with that insane laughter tugging away at her face.
My second favourite is quite the unimpressive one-but as it is I'm obessed with bokeh.I'd exchange my pants for some decent ones.No,really!

I might make this my wallpaper one of these days!(you want?)

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  1. Who doesn't love fireworks? I love that bottom shot...

  2. Thank you!It's my first decent one! :) Oh I have a wierd affliction towards bokehs!

    Thanks for visiting!Do you have a blog I can check out?

  3. Great night shot .. so much fun! Love the bokeh too!!

  4. haha..I'm just a bit scared of them..other than that it's okaay :P







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