10 November 2011

How this skanky ho trapped a man

In my defense,I'm neither skanky nor a "ho" but I thought it doesn't hurt to be naugh-ttay in a blog post once in a while,especially since I have no shot at it in real life.
See that hot girl in five inch heels wrapped around a man?Nope,that's not me.Now look there!See that pretty girl scuffling away in the corner-getting drunker and drunker and shriveling and sniveling-cold and awkward and suddenly a handsome man walks into the room and her eyes light up only to power down his arms around a gorgeous woman's waist-that...isn't me either.

So who the hell am I?
Fade out.Scene:Private,laid back,comfortable gathering.Bursts of laughter and see that girl tripping on her own feet carrying out her rookie cullinary conquest in a borosil bowl?That's me.earlier in the evening she probably had had too much too drink but had shown no signs of getting drunk.While sober she'd probably sit on somebody's glasses and snort with laughter.She'll pun away to glory and tell dirty jokes-tease and get teased endlessly about silly things and laugh,and laugh some more.Yep,still me.However,this isn't where I met the said man.
Holy mother of-!What was all that about then!
Story telling.Simply that.
Have you watched Borat*?Hi!My name-a Boorrraaat.I like you.I like syaaax.(sex). 
No?Yes?(How awesome is Sascha Baron Cohen?Disco dance anyone?)
Most of the people I know haven't seen or heard of it and I was rather stoked when this guy(with a creepy,singular eye profile picture) started hooting about it in a rather sophisticated cinema group on facebook.(Oh Facebook-how original,right?).Anyway-hilarious messages were exchanged and countless late night conversations later the talk turned to tattoos.The best studio in town was on a 20 % discount and a lucky draw(which I had no chance of winning but ironically did) and none of my friends were free to either get a tattoo with me(30 % off on couples) or just morally egg me on to good ink and a world of pain.But this guy wanted to,and I was surprised-pleasantly so and for a second it warmed my heart.We made plans and met up the next day.The artist was busy but an appointment was made for the following Saturday and the disappointment quickly faded away into  long walks and kaleidoscopic conversation.We laughed like old friends and opened up with things you'd only dare to with a stranger on a misty park bench you're sure you'll never meet again.It was the most effortless time I had had spent in months.This was February.
Fast forward to May-I was totally in sync with him.He was knowledgeable,had great taste in music and movies and was the coolest guy I have ever met.Not leather jacket,gum chewing douchey cool- but genuinely so.Not to mention a totally rad sense of humour.Nothing about my horrible relationship seemed to put him off.The word soul-mate had come up not too casually.He read my blog.Found it "pretty good".An expressed interest in my blog always scores with me-because when I do,I put in a lot of myself in this e-paper and ink duo.I earned a new nickname-"bloggie"-and it made me smile.
One day as I was stuffing my external hard drive with movies at his place,he kissed me.And it was honest.Both of us were smarting from tumultuous previous relationships and neither was sure about the possibilities of getting into another one.But as luck has it-your head is only logical when your heart's in it and our's were pretty into the other's.Two weeks later he told me that he loved me.And I'm glad that he did-because of how incredibly afraid I am of taking the first step.
We celebrated six months of togetherness on October 21st and it has never been better.Sure we fight-name a couple who doesn't?And I'm more whiney than I'd like to be and I'm a monster sometimes when I'm PMS-ing(or even if I'm not,sometimes)-but gladly that has only gotten better with time and not worse.He is tolerance level-not the whining.
He is a good,good man.He is dependable and honest and trustworthy.He is the kind of guy you could ever libel even if you are no longer together.Sometimes I wonder what the hell is it that he sees in me?And more than once I'm scared that my cons would outweigh my pros and he would pick up and leave.But he has this air of reassurance that I can only relate with my father and that just lifts the weight off my heart.
I am clumsy-I take on more than I can handle and things fall apart and I screw stuff up.But I refuse to take this  as a challenge -How long can Clumsy keep her Relationship Afloat?It's-nothing and everything.It' a happy,happy thing.

Let's put a face to that name-Friends,meet Sam/Bug

And he is Bug,because he is so impishly cute.
And a tad insane..

crazy makes us tick.we also do grainy webcam photos,thank you very much.and it's really hot where we live.

I've showed you mine.Now you show me yours.Now,now!There's a little box below..or email me swetablogs@gmail.com.No really,I am interested :)
*Borat is not recommended if you're easily offended. 


  1. haha thanks :) Yea-6 months went by so fast!I could hardly believe it.I tell him that you approve ;) 

    OMG,when we meet..it's going to be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!!<333 youu!

  2. Soooooo sweet!!! You look good together!!! And yay for being together for 6 months!!!! He does look like a good guy. Your last picture is my favorite.

    And yes, I soooooo want to meet you and Ty because I love you both so much!!!

  3. Ty,that's the sweetest reaction ever!Well,what else can i expect from you?!haha,I noticed the birthday part when I was writing the post :).You and Gnetchy-both of you are more of a sister than anybody whom I see or meet daily.<3 <3Life isn't that short either-I don't care  when-but we will meet-it's a gut feeling-we shall meet even if we are wrinkly old ladies by the time we have the oportunity-and we'd still be fabulous.Love you loads!!!Hugs.

  4. omg not only did you celebrate your 6 months on my birthday, which clearly means it's meant to last ;0p but this post is so genuine so full of hope and love and everything that i wish and want for you -- my sister from another mister, and partner in crime all the way in india. this post makes me so desperately wish that someday you and i along with our dear sister gnetchy will be able to meet up. i love it. i love everything about you and your blog. <3 <3 and cheers to you and the guy who put your heart back together :)







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