14 October 2011

I loose count

Multiple dreams,like orgasms are hard to keep track of-especially if you're having them in a span of one night's sleep and are in no way related.All my dreams feel horribly real and at times I'm aware I'm dreaming yet I can find no way to escape.
It is at this point that things become a tragicomedy.I'm amused by the means I take up to escape,and break a sweat at the possibilities that may befall  if I don't.It's funny and tragic at the same time.Sometimes scary,grotesque but never border on nightmarish.Maybe my fear threshold is only limited to hiding behind cushions during horror movies.
Funny thing?My dreams don't bother me-the sleeping ones.(the waking ones gnaw at the back of my mind till you can see right through it)I can wake up,step on my dog,pee and go right back to sleep.

My dreams don't unite my mind, body and spirit as some websites claim.They mostly aren't related to what I was thinking before I went to sleep-or maybe I'm too dumb to see the twisted link.I think Freud just gave me a very bony and dusty finger.

My dreams don't keep me up.Again,like orgasms they just give me this triumphant feeling of having finished.Et Voila.


  1. Dreams; kind of like an unsolved riddle.
    *feels philosophical*

    On another note, I like your new layout!

    Happy Weekend!


  2. LOL! How many orgasms do YOU have a night?!
    I have many many dreams too! But there are only a few we actually remember.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I'd totally sleep during work.I'm that lazy xD

  4. I have been having weird dreams lately as well. At work. No, no!! I don't sleep while working. I sleep during the break. So. :p







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