27 July 2011


There are times when you don't feel like entertaining friends at your place.To be precise,people to whom you never got around to say " Oh you wretched worm!Friends?You and I? WHY?" because you were obviously interrupted with some kind of  puerile conflict in mannerism or verbal absurdity so clearly manifested in such individuals-not that you(that is,I) are so damn perfect.Take for instance the fact that even though I'm told to be forthright and learn to say No-not only do I bail,but I bitch at length about it.Tsk.

You are in your pajamas with unwashed hair and a shower seems like a trip around the world.Your room looks like Godzilla tried to do a pirouette in it and it's just a day you don't want to be disturbed-to put it simply.In short-a day when you just don't wanna put on pants.

But along came two friends(tolerable) stringing along a Type I specimen of the aforementioned pretend-friend.(intolerable just doesn't begin to cover it)

This pretend-friend is the kind of woman who would break your expensive and extremely favourite eye-pencil in half and you'd be dead before you expect an apology out of her.Also,if you've lent her a book you might as well buy a new copy-because you wouldn't be seeing the other one.Ever again.Ominous?Think again.I live it.

But,for a few months we tried to ignore all of that rampant bad manners and the invitation to my place was probably one such instance of heartwarming insanity.

Let me ask you something..what do you do when you're at someone's house,someone who gives you the distinct impression that she doesn't like you(sorry I'm not above that when it comes to kids with rotten manners)?-do you ask her if,wait for it,you can rummage through her refrigerator?

 And if she says no?Which I did- firmly attached with a bewildered WHY?
Wouldn't you back off?Wouldn't anybody back off?
But then there are people from Plant Shamelessezia who eat raw ingredients of biryani from your fridge and your father just yells at you that you're a CraZy Eater with a gut the size of Greenland.(ouch!)

Why,why would anyone do that?Like you,reader I waited for her answer with bated breath..running an improbable list in my head .A wound maybe-that could only be treated with margarine from a frenemy's fridge? Portal to another world-The bitch,the Bambi and the Cold-drobe?Or did Honey shrink her kids and put them in there?Was she so far into Dexter that she hopped to find mutilated dolls on the racks?

But no.

"Oh.It's just a habit of mine".Just like that.Simple. A Oh and an It's just a habit of mine.

Nope.She's never coming back in.


  1. hahaha. there is nothing worse than having someone around that you don't want there. i experienced this a lot at university. Also, it's just a habit of mine?! I hope she felt stupid after saying that...but i'm sure she didnt haha

  2. I bet she didn't! :| That is so annoying! And I'm not a big host-er of unwanted people.Yes..I am THAT bad xD Thanks for visiting!







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