05 July 2011

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Frankly I have no idea-except this has been stuck in my head for the last ,er a lot of months since I Skyped with a stoned friend of mine.He kept singing it,artfully snipping weed and bobbing his head from side to side and going at it full rhythm.I tried to fix my shitty cam and even shittier internet connection which switches to double bitch-straight-up mode when I'm video calling.Its amusing at first and then gets crazy bad when I'm holding up something for people to see and they actually see it after an interval of 5 minutes.I have no idea why I'm bitching about it seeing that I've had case of bad tech karma lately -and I might as well shut up if I don't want to spend the next few days in a bored straight-jacket of godawful nothingness.

You could say this post is fairly random-I have been anything but random in the past couple of write ups and for an dirtpile  awesomely random gal like me the abstinence stinks.The  good part is-my exams are almost over and since its that time of the year when it's cloudy all day and drizzles and the smell of earth and cut grass wafts like seductive fumes into your nostrils-I might just be able enjoy some of those soon.But for now I need to get to bed and put my feverish ass to sleep.Sympathy please.(At this point I'm beginning to resent the undercurrent of cynic goo that has been lathered over this post so far.Or maybe I'm just far too pissed off.Maybe it's PMS)

I also managed to put the first of many finishing touches on my new template.You like?Also,I was thinking of doing a giveaway for some of the templates I made and in about a months time you'd probably be able to order templates a la carte right from yours truly.I have acquired a decent of HTML and CSS skills playing the field for a while and changing my templates way too often takes away the attention from my writing and tell-all  heart-the main reason why I blog.So I've that I might as well design for you guys.Tell me what you think!

I was also thinking of changing the name of my blog.The search results which led visitors to the Red Door are kinda-not pleasant.I mean its not chlamydiae-but close.Some searched for  kinky Japanese sex which apparently sells behind  red doors and some for sexually transmitted diseases which get cured behind red doors.Frankly,I neither run a dirty video parlor  nor a clinic with horizontal kicks.But these are not the reasons-I'm quite unimaginably nonchalant.Truth is,when I started this blog I was clueless about a name and I randomly came across a picture of a red door-a GORGEOUS red door the kind you would see or read about in fantasy and Gothic novels-and that just fed my fancy.And I like those kind of stories.
Everybody searches for a perfect name for their children,their dogs, their crushes and stabby ex-s,their cars(grow up!) and other inanimate objects(razors?panties?mixers?) and we the web-ed people search for the perfect name for our blogs.If I were to come clean,the current name doesn't help me near perfection,not warm,not even close!So change it is!
Have you ever changed the name of your blog?Did you have any problems changing the url,loosing readers,etc?Click the little button and tell the Oracle.

silver bells,coccckkle shellss!Maaary,Maary quite contrary,how does your garden grow?
And she has officially lost it.


  1. yes,that's what is keeping me from changing..too many side-effects :( Thanks for your thoughts :)

  2. I've never changed the name of my blog, but a friend of mine did. She just changed the name but not the url so she was able to keep her followers. It was pretty easy. I'm not sure how you'd go about changing the url though.


  3. Every time you change your template, I always go, "Oooh... cute!" No, really.

    Also, I've always wanted to change the name of my blog because apparently, Google leads horny people to my blog, too. Haha! So they think it's a porn site. Well? That's... awesome...? :p

  4. "the red door"  is just perfect....

    and moreover changing a blog name is a real pain in the neck....not only you loose a lot many readers...but eventually you wont get a proper name you wish for...no matter what you choose...some happy soul has thought of it before you....

  5. Aww thank you <3 I could make 1 or 10 for you if you want :P

    Yes,it's a good thing we don't judge,isn't it? lol

  6. Intriguing post there. The randomness of it all kept me bound till the end. So about the name change - really? But I like 'the red door', its random but catchy - its what got me to stick around in the first place.  And yea, I think designing themes is something you should definitely go for.

  7. LOL at all the strange Google searches for things to do with red doors! :P

  8. Really?:) thanks! I thought people would get bored and move away.Thanks for staying :) and commenting.
    I loved the name..I still do lollI dunno what bites me sometimes :P Thanks..I'm trying to set up something regarding blog design :)

  9. I was whoa..but once I got over the absurdity..it was really funny hehe :D

  10. Yes..I thought about it..sounds like a lot of hassle..I guess I'll just stick with it.Thanks for your sharing your thoughts :)

  11. Great post! Sometimes I think I must be schizophrenic as I just from one thing to another. :P You did the exact same thing, and it kept me interested. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Hey doll! I actually just changed my name and I often do but never the URL because then you do lose your readers even if you tranfer the GFC gadget, they won' be able to get your updated posts, so i've always just kept my url but for you it would be necessary to change that when you do change your name! i like the red door, it's plain and simple, pehaps i need to dig deep to figure out what it means to you but if you'd like to change everything; do it sooner than later and build up again!

    I love your design and think that we could use you as a resource for our e-course, it entails you offering a discount to our students and in exchange we'd put your sponsor button up and your links with what designs you offer. If that is something you are interested in, please let us know so we can add you!

    It'll come together; you've got a lovely blog my dear! enjoy the weekend--Vic

  13. Aww,sounds like a lot of hassle with the name changing--( I love your new one..and the header!) My readers dwindle at times and I can't afford that at the moment when I'm going to take a big step.Thanks for sharing the info..appreciate it! :)

    oh I would LOVE to be a part of the E-course!that is so nice of you!Nothing better than helping people to build a better blog.I would be REALLY glad if I could be of help :)Thanks so much for your kind comments and the offer..I would definitely be taking that up!Have a great weekend!

  14. Sometimes random topic hopping is JUST SO LIBERATING haha.Thanks :)
    You have a great weekend too. :)







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