31 May 2011

{30 Days of Truth}-Day2:A bit of love for me,and some for thee

After  I brought the picnic basket of hate to my doorstep,I pulled off the checkered cloth and found something that smelled like love underneath.All for myself.
There have been periods of skeptic love,to absolute narcissism,going through the loop of love-hate and finally settling on a perch called "moderate" ,but honest.However, the one thing that remained consistent in my list of "things I love about myself" is that I'm not quick to judge.I believe every person has a redeeming quality that makes him/her a good human being.{Pardon me if I made myself sound like a steaming bowl of Chicken Soup for your less-mojoed soul}
{This also doesn't mean I don't want to hunt down jerks,and douches and the undeniably growing  numbers of the race called Stupid.}
I prefer giving people chances,one chance too many maybe-but a chance nevertheless.I wouldn't leave a man man if he chewed loudly.I would probably be bugged if my brat was to go through a weird fashion phase,but I wouldn't let that cloud my view of how I see him and how he is inside.
I had anger issues as a teen and much of that has significantly melted away as I insignificantly grew up.You never know what's the beef behind a man's actions-maybe there's something you never imagined or maybe he is just plain asshole-but every man deserves to tell his story.We all have our faults,vices even, but if man can't turn to man for acceptance the society might as well decay in the dying cradle of humanity.
I try to listen to some and I try very hard not to judge.Most of the time I succeed and that's what I love most about myself.

I wouldn't be with you if you were a bad man,love;
Oh shake your your mane!Pull a face!
Wipe that farce out of your eyes,love!
Oh,that doesn't make your heart black,love!
If you were to climb the hills,
Scrape your fills and
Push a man to death-
You would trot back to church and sing a hymn about how the bastard bled-
So brave,love!
Not afraid,love!
If you were to take the Children on the Giant Wheel and leave them at the fair,
Then packed your bags and hauled the chains and the left the city without a care!
Oh,that doesn't make it seem you're on crack, love!
It doesn't make your heart black,love!

I sin as much as you,sweet.
I kill at chance and boil their tales and cook for lunch kebab-ed entrails-
I clip their nails as their fingers flail and braid their bones in my hair!
I slip the judge a sleeping pill 
And share the bed with my farrier!
So deft,love!
Not afraid,love!

Oh we sing a song
Of clouded humanity...
What crystal souls have we?
If you were to judge-you and I
We are the same, love!
Shades of grey,love!

Leave your side and take a hike to the floating hills?
Not a chance,love!


  1. Thanks for visiting :) I found your blog via 20sb and I love it :)

  2. hey there!  i noticed you are following my blog "Something-Like-Memoirs."  I just wanted to say thanks for following and that i like your site.

    best wishes.


  3. :) apparently its a good thing.So,we are awesome.officially :D

  4. :) so much love <3 you're spoiling me :D

  5. I see that. That's actually another thing that I love about you!!! :)

  6. That's something that I like about myself, too!







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