29 May 2011

{30 Days of Truth}-Day 1: All that hate

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”
-Oscar Wilde
I don't know whether it would have been easier with a mask,or with me speaking out of a hole in a cardboard box-but it certainly is more convenient than trying to gather people to make them hear what I have to say-because that isn't just fair-everybody has eggs to fry and a boss to face.Would have made me look bad if I missed out that I lack the courage as well.
 I can have it easy.I have a blog-it's where I can be Bare Naked Lady if I want to be.I want to be.Lately I have been struggling to come up with quality blog foo and my writing as well.I think it it has a lot to do with what I'm studying in college-or more importantly the way we are being taught to think.But that's for another day. If you can't do something on your own,you need a push and the 30 Days of Truth seemed like a nice writing prompt that I've been observing around blogtown for a while.
Here's the list. Though I won't be able to complete them in 30 days of succession, but I do mean to see them through the end.
   “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Here's to 30 days of me trying to find some,if not all.

I hate that I hate so many things about myself.

I hate my metabolism and that I have had to struggle to stay fit all my life.I hate that skinny isn't how I roll.
I hate my nose and the sunburn on my feet that won't go away.
I hate that I can't cook a decent meal.I hate that I trust so easily even though my heart has been in the line of fire way too long and way too much.I hate that I'm always the first to break the ice,even when I don't have to.
I hate that I believe in the creeping feeling "Nobody bothers,or you wouldn't have to.." that smothers me thereafter.
I hate that I can't say "I'm not fine" when I'm not.
I hate that I can't say "It's not okay" when it's not.
I hate that I can't cough up the words that ping my silence like a pin cushion.Silence is good.
I hate I always fall for the wrong guys.Or have.I hate that I'm not close to my family.
I love that I can fish my friends out of their worries and I hate that when it comes to mine I have no clue.
I hate it lately that I can't finish a book.
I hate that I can never be the jerk or the douche in a relationship even when I need to be.I hate that I'm so gullible.
I hate that I can't say no.I hate that I can't let go.

I hate many things,but I don't hate my life and I'm not gonna throw it away to hate.Fortunately I hope to believe that I have more things to love than I have to hate and that keeps me alive,kickin'.Lovin'.


  1. OMG i lovee this new template of your blog <3 <3 .. like Hell LOT !! its amazing. :)
    *i envy you now* :P
    and about the post, we relate in sooo many things.. hating my nose, not being close to family.. falling for wrong guys.. ah!
    Btw, you think you'll be consistent with the posts? *just curious* .. the most i can take up is a 10 Day Challenge.. 30 Days is too much for me :P

  2. I like this idea! :) I'm a new follower!:)


  3. Aw thankk youuu :)
    Glad we relate :)..Good to know you're not alone,isn't it?
    I wouldn't be posting on 30 consecutive days...I'll be posting on 30 topics..I took this up and I'm going through my way..so yes..30 topics,30 days..just not one after another :)
    YEa,I saw your 10 Day stuff..its cool..I might take one of those up later :)

  4. Thanks :) Yes,I know.I'm following you :)

  5. I love that I started blogging and I got to meet you.
    I love that you love me for me.
    I love that you love me :)
    and i love you too!!

  6. lol yes,I needed a topic..and this seemed like a nice one.You should start :)And thank you so much..it means a lot :)

  7. Aww, I so relate to this.

    Reading this, I was ticking off the things in my head that I had in common too. :)

    Awesome blog you have. :D

    Following it. :D


  8. Thank you so much :) Feels good :) Will check out your blog soon :)

  9. I love that you are honest.
    I love that you are able to describe things that I can't.
    I love that you are one of my best Internet friends.
    I love that you are witty.
    And best of all, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. you. are. so. fucking. awesome. <3 

  11. you are double fuckin awesome <3 :)

  12. OMG you started on the 30 DT...shit I've been procrastinating since forever! damn...

    in other things...I love this post...honest!

  13. Thank you :) It's a dream,but Idon't know how far it is to completion. anyone can take up the 30 daychallenge..it provides a good insight into your soul :) You should take it up!..I have the complete list on my menubar..

  14. You are quite the writer. I'm following along here and twitter..is this 30 day a challenge anyone can do?

  15. You are quite the writer. I'm following along here and twitter..is this 30 day a challenge anyone can do?







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