30 April 2011

I name it..Writing excercise..Tada!

Often in life you'd wish it resembled a movie-that you have a steady flow of witty commentary , that "music played in epic moments of your lives and not just in movies"(<--how many of you have "liked" that on Facebook?) and that you get standing ovation and a screen award or 7 on your unusual ending.

Of this I've gotten only the commentary part covered.That too  often on pause and repeat.

Also,I have no idea where this post is headed.So unless its raining outside and you've already fed your dog,had your daily orgasm or just plain gotten off work and looking for writing roadkill, I say you kick it  and move on.

However,I must admit I do do love people who stick around with  no purpose at all ;)

 Here,it IS raining  and I'm sitting in my wet and best boho looking kurta top.Sadly I don't have a cup of coffee and other cool rainy things.
Instead I have a farting dog and a movie on pause.
I woke up to see the sun rising today but Mundane sat smoking an Aficionado in the corner of the room and blew it in my face.I went to the private place inside my head and recounted tiny glories

Yes, I did have a pizza free week
I did finish a book. in a long long time and it felt damn good.[Theodore Boon by John Grisham-not half bad.Eat Pray Love was more prayer than eating or loving on my part.Prayer to get me through the book.ASAP.A very cliched dimension of India,might I add-you can soak in more than Temple going piety if you visit the place,thank you very much]
I've given more than 30 to my 7 year old treadmill.I'm not his favourite right now.
I did watch a Foreign movie-my first -Let the right one in.[Vamps!..but not the bling boys ..not the True bloody ones either.Different,very!]

[Incase you don't remember-I won't blame you. but here's the zippy-zappy of it all]

However,there are more crosses than ticks.Tut,tut.

And then it was finally 7 am. And I pushed the covers with conflict on my mind-
Disagreements between you and me
Of baiting the bear and setting it free..


  1. Almost there! You almost completed your weekly goals.

    And I have yet to check out that Facebook page. I think I am gonna "like" it.

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! YOURE BACK!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I've missed your witty lovely beautiful writing and face. lesigh.. don't leave for so long again. If you can't come up with any good posts just write, I love gnetchy and tyla ;0p

  3. AWWW hahaha I wrote reqrote,drafted redrafted and came up with a crappy post lol...but atleast I'm writing..gives me a bit of satisfaction,ye :) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
    P.s:I did consider doing that..what you said xD next time I'll just hit publish :D

  4. Phew yes..Like I said..I feel more accountable when I write my goals down.
    Oh go ahead..look for one of those "like" pages"..they haves tons of stuff :D
    HUGS :)

  5. dude! You've been MIA for so long.. left me wondering. you don't do this often right?

  6. haha..actually...
    I DO.
    This time I'm not giving up.
    ^^ I say that ALL the time xD
    But seriously...this be my new year new me new blog crap and all..so I really I am considering sticking to it :P haha thanks for stopping by :P

  7. I like random posts that go here & there =D
    Congrats on finishing a book, just my kind of genre. I admit I find chick lit annoying & Julia Roberts repulses me. So not Eat Pray Love for me :)
    Keep doing fun stuff!!

  8. haha thanks..i can be rather...off my rocker :Pand these kind of posts reflect my state of mind.
    Chick lits are EWW.The only good one I read was Chasing HArry Winston by Lauren Weisberger,the author of Devil wears Prada.IT had oodles of humour. :)

  9. I read Chasing Harry Winston too! And an older one, the Ivy chronicles by Karen Quinn.

  10. Pretty decent. Reading it as a 13 year old is q bit scandalous. Typical chick lit of a mom in the city, husbands cheating, starting a new life, lots of sex & some love, rediscovering oneself blah blah. :)

    Sent from my iPod

  11.  :D heh nice I wonder how those Sex and the City books are..the series is fantastic :D







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