20 February 2011

Sundry Sunday thoughts

I have exams and too many thoughts and as usual it's hard for them to contain themselves.To wait.till the worst is over.So, here are the little and not-so-little somethings running through my head.

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Ty and Gnetchy.This is For you.And Shre,my bestfriend since childhood(who never reads my blog unless I ask her to-I wonder what she's afraid of finding here :P)-though we have never been apart,yet.
I'm grateful for your presence in my life.All of you.*Squish*


Fabulous,I've heard.
Epiphany upon epiphany.

Can't wait to finish the former and move on to the latter.No,not because Eat,Pray,Love sucks,quite the contrary(pfft!)-but because a)I haven't finished a book in a LONG time and I would REALLY love to get back into the habit of reading the last word of a book and b)I've heard the latter is FABULOUS.


My tattoo ideas. I'll be getting the Eye of Horus( middle one) first-probably next week!I want all of them at once!But I guess the pain (and expenses) would be too much to bear. A Tattoo post would be coming up soon :) Check out Ria's cute inspirations here.


And You.You don't know who you are,of course.

..And thank God for that.

Whats on your mind?

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  1. Oh too much... I just became 23 and a year old :-D

    This week, I have so many commitments to stand by.

    tomorrow, I have to sort out an issue.

    i need to buy college forms.

    i am meeting a long lost frenemy this sat

  2. i wanted to have a tattoo. i almost got one but changed my mind. i'm still pondering if having one won't make me regret in the long run. anyway, goodluck on that and can't wait to see you posting your tattoo on your blog.

  3. haha I'm wary about the placement-because of what might happen at my future work places lol.I feel you must get something that you are REALLY passionate about-not just right now(eg:a Twilight tattoo<--would you Sqiee at 50 about twilight?if anybody does,god bless 'em).But that really brings me to my Harry Potter Tattoo (mischief managed)..I've grown upwith Harry and I'll never grow out of it :).The same is about The Eye of Horus and Che,two things I've been passionate about for ages!What do you fancy?Go get one!Life's to short to ponder about getting things started :)

  4. I've heard the boo, girl with a dragon tattoo is AMAZING. You just reminded me I need to get it :P

  5. I love that first picture up at the top! Did you make it?

  6. eagerly awaiting ur tattoo pics,,damn i want a che one...

  7. haha exams over!so yess I'm getting back to it!Get it,read it,review! :)

  8. Me neither! I was getting it today..then I chickened!but i AM getting it TOMORROW!and pics!! yaay!

    I Already Loved you and ty,And I'm SOO glad I found Ria as well.team GreekSian sounds like a PLAN.We can take over the world :D

    And L-O-V-E is the guy we were talking about.But guys are so stupid about taking hints.It's infuritating,no?

  9. heehee me too! :) pics will be up! :DGo get one!Lizard skin at Lodr's More are giving discount of 20 pc on indivdual tattoos and 30 pc. on couple :) Go,go!

  10. I didn't make it..I found it on We Heart it :)you should search,amazing site :)

  11. I want to start reading too!I mean apart from Genes and Plant ecophysiology and Organic Chem.I haven't read eat,pray,love, but I did see the movie.I must admit I'm not the biggest fan.But since books are made to be read, I'll give it a go, starting Friday!
    The Eye of Horus is an amazing idea (have you visited Egypt?) but Mischief managed is soooo much cooler.I'd so do the "I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good" on one foot and the "Mischief managed" on the other.
    Can't wait to see your tattoo post!
    On my mind there's a dude I call Harry Potter.Not because he looks like him, but because his name is Harry.
    And the fact that on Friday my exams come to an end.
    And the e-shopping I did yesterday.If anyone asks, it was the cough meds.
    Much much love!

    ps.I have no idea how the exam went.I had a fever while I was taking it.The only thing I remember doing wrong is 100-30=60.Other than that I think it went well. :p

  12. Awww,bio girl!haha most of my good friends study Bio :D Apparently I gel well with Bio people.
    I follow a strict read first policy,whhich I broke only in the case of True Blood and Vampire Diaries-because frankly,I can't take anymore vampire BOOKS(except Anne Rice). Yaay Friday!
    I haven't visited Egypt-But I'm fascinated with all things Egypt since FOREVER.And yes,I would LOVE to visit it.And Greece as well :D
    The "I solemnly swear" idea seems FAB!you should get it! haha so far I'm considering eye of horus on one foot and Mischief managed on another..but I like yours so much I might steal it :P

    Haha we have a professor who looks like Mcgonagal hehe.

    OOOO,what did you get!shopping always helps,ALWAYS.So I'm not even questing :D

    I always did crazy mistakes in maths 3x3=6.BAH.Aww how are you now? Get well soon!Hugs!

  13. I can't wait for you to get that tattoo!! I think it's gonna look great on you!

    And I love you!! You and Ty and Ria!! You're the best buddies ever!! Team GreekSian (1 Greek and 3 Asians...? Hehe.) FTW!!

    And that L-O-V-E thingy is for the person we've been talking about, right? Well I think he should know you're interested. But who am I to say this? I'm in the same(ish) situation. Dammit!!! :p

  14. So it's Wednesday and I'm just now reading this and [hanging my head in a full hang of shame] ... I <3 you. I mailed YET ANOTHER POST. So if you don't get it I'm going to LOSE MY MIND AT THE POST OFFICE, which of course you'd probably then see me on liek ABC news or something.. "Girl from _____ lost her mind in a post office when her bff in India did not receive the 4th letter she tried to send her because the post office told her that the address wasn't in English. Back to you Bob.." I like the tattoos very much so! I haven't made any appts yet for mine because I'm still in the process of designing mine PLUS there's that tiny little fact about me not having any money ............. xo

  15. Mann...bring on those tattoo pics FAST! I want to see.

  16. Eat Pray Love is one of my favs. I look forward to hearing how you like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  17. Bringing 'em onnn haha...got it yesterday.pics will be up :D

  18. Eat Pray Love is really inspiring..certain passages in the book makes me feel so good about myself..I love it.I'm looking forward to the Dragon tattoo as well :)..Maybe I'll do a review.







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