09 February 2011

Project Do Me

My Project 365 is on hold-till I get a better camera,or my motivation,time,creativity and peace of mind back.However,Kymmy and Audrey Hepburn both  believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.I couldn't agree more.
Hence Project Do Me

 My Daily goals:
  • Increase my intake of fruits and veggies.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes on taking care of my skin
  • Put in an hour of studying every day,if not more.(how is this making me happy?Well,this completes my syllabus in time and prevents me from becoming a complete wreck on the night before the exam.Pre-planning rawks.rawr.)
  • Read at least 10 pages of a book.I hate leaving books incomplete..and lately I have been doing too much of that![Wind up your forearm and Popeye punch me,no seriously.]
  • 30 minutes on the treadmill,without fail.A good workout always leaves me with a lot of energy to battle it out through the day.
  • Stop thinking about what could have been.Accept that I had a lot of love to give,and I did.I did my best.Breathe,Heal,Learn to Love.
My Weekly Goals:
  • Call up my best friend at least once a week.Ever since she and I went to different colleges,the phone calls have diminished.Studies,assignments, classes,separate social circles etc have encroached,However,I still feel that deep connection within me.And I have to let her know that she floats my boat.
  • Take at least 2 new photos.
  • Have a fruits only diet once.
  • Make atleast  3 blog posts.
  • Read and comment on all the blogs I follow.
  • Have a pizza free week.
My Monthly Goals:
  • Finish at least two books.
  • Aim at losing 4 kgs per month.That makes it 1 kg per week.
  • Write at least two short stories or poems.
  • Watch at least 3 foreign movies.

Here's to a happy me! :)
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  1. Hey You! I hope you achieve all of those goals! Good Luck! I am supporting you!

    ::Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls::

  2. OOooh... you make this sound so appealing... I am so joining in. All the best gal. All the best.

  3. Good luck! I've got a couple of similar projects going on in my own life :D Success so far!

  4. Thats sounds great!Ifailed at project 365,but I hope to restart it soon!As for this project-I hope I keep it up because its only going to make me happy if not anything else ;)

  5. Yaaay!join in!Let's sail together-hoist the sails and I'll turn the wheel :D

  6. You have great goals there!

    I started doing something similar not so long ago & i feel so much better for doing so. I've seen a couple of my friends writing goals & it's so easy to go OTT with them. 'Go to the moon before my 30th Birthday' haha.

    Good luck to you. I can tell that if you stick to your daily goals you will feel much better. I'm tempted to steal them for myself :op


  7. Thank you :) you are welcome to snag :D If I were them..I 'd go a step further and a bit of zing to the moon part.."Have sex on the moon"maybe?but seeing how I fail in farsight,I'd rather make it to my kitchen countertop ;)
    thanks for the lovely comment :)

  8. Good luck on your goals! They say if you write them down you're much more likely to achieve them. Your post totally made me think about the book that's been abandoned on my night stand, the best friend I need to call (I just realized I'm never the one to initiate phone calls, bad friend!) and the blogs I need to comment on! Thanks, I needed a kick in the butt :)

  9. Yea,I guess that makes me more accountable,rather than having them floating in my head.Pick up that book and devour it.Call up your friend and meet up for lunch.And click,click type away! :)

  10. Hi!
    All this nsounds so interesting!
    Wishing you the best.
    I did vote for your blog (that is how I found you!) and am your newest follower:-)

  11. you should join :) Thank you for voting! :)and thanks for the follow.you have a lovely blog.I'm following too.

  12. So how are those goals coming along?

  13. Baby steps,but I'm doing good :)I will do a post soon :)







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