26 January 2011


Number One:
I don’t know what kind of a shopper I am.But I know this..I’m definitely not a good one.To my credit,I only go shopping when I need things.Clothes.Makeup.Accessorries.
To my discredit..I need those OFTEN.I think the word is want,for want of a proper word.Want.Ye.
And when I roll the cart...

I’m definitely not presenting an inspiring picture,but somehow I feel,putting myself out here makes me more creditable. Muttering resolutions like rolling prayer beads certainly hasn’t helped me in any way,and like I said I’m not good with resolutions.I do better with challenges.

So here’s what I’d like to do

 over at  Travel Babbles starting next Monday.

Project Do Me[;)] involves setting goals that make you happy-daily,weekly,monthly,yearly.Kudos to Kymmy for the inspiring post and the sassy name ;)

The little things make you soar,
The little things take the floor..

 Number two:
Any ordinary day starts out with two resolutions.Actually three.1)I get to poop on time2)I shouldn’t,shouldn’t SHOULDN’T even think about caloriegenous food3)That I wouldn’t have to open my purse except while paying the bus fare.And I donot know WHY I feel the inexplicable need to pay everybody’s bus/tube/cab fare when we are travelling together. Even strangers’.Creepy?I think so too.
Adorable old man?
May I pay your bus fare?
Cute kid?
May I pay your bus fare?
Cute guy?
May I jump your bones?

Point is,I’m not good with money.I get paid first day of the month,and almost by the middle of it I’m broke.It’s a good thing I live with a my parents(I can’t believe I said that,but I did!pat me) or I’d have to resort to eating frothing year old milk or mildew.

Number three:
I’m travelling the world.You can too.

So,doc,may I pay your bus fare?


  1. What an adorable post. Thank you for visiting my blog last week.

    The end of #2 made me fall out of my seat. Too funny.

  2. You have sweet heart, and broke or rich, the world needs more people like you in it :)

  3. Anytime... you can pay my bus fare and auto fare anytime. :-)

  4. Hahaha!! I giggled on the "May I jump your bones?" Hahaha! Love it!!

    And pooping on time seems like a very reasonable resolution.

    Also? You can totally pay my bus fare. I won't be creeped out. Promise.

    Love you!!!

  5. Thank you for posting this on your blog-digitty. I'm excited for you to participate!!!

  6. Good for you girl!! I'm thinking of doing Kymmy's challenge too!! Found you on Around the World Wed.

  7. Aww thank you :)But sometimes I go over the top.Thats so sweet of you.

  8. haha well,thats my dirty,dirty mind :DPooping on time is VERY important.While in class,or talking to cute guy the pressure is enough without your bowels screaming for release :P
    Anytime,love. :) <3333 you!

  9. Love the idea :) you're so inspiring.Thank you for visiting :)

  10. Yaay!That would be great :)Thanks for visiting.Checking you ot.NOW.I mean,your blog. :D

  11. WOWZAHS thats such a compliment!!!! Thank you :)

  12. I agree! I would totally pay for both your fares :D xo xo

  13. aww thank you :) I loved yours :) haha I do that.Wierd thoughts.Me a la insight.heh

  14. *looking for change*No change. *puppy eyes* Pay your own.Haha.ofcourse .<3We can go have momos in CR park and shop at Connaught place :D(you're from Delhi right? :D)







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