23 January 2011

The closed door was decorated.It shut with a bang.

When you’re addicted to blogging as much as I am,you tend to count every step you take. And look for blog worthy material in a marker to a ruffled pillow and  a wayward mind.
But,if you’re as lazy as I am,you end up doing nothing about it.
Like I did.
And Do.

I can’t organize my thoughts to sum up one sumptuous blog post ,but I had one awesome summing up of a hectic week.

It involves alchohol.
I know I got you interested.Hooked.One word.See?Even spelled out on a blog makes you want it.

So yesterday I attended class and then came home,and passed out.

But here’s the in betweens.

I’m 5 foot nothing.(the realization of this statement comes afterwards,trust me.I hope)

I met a friend  who went for college outside the state.Mister A looked like a shaggy sheep dog,but pleasant.A known face and aura always is J.


I came up to somewhere near his chest.Hovered about it,I should say. And he vouched for it that I looked shorter.Pfft.Sheep dog.

Cab ride to Park Street.

3 30 mls of vodka and a shared beef steak later we hopped to Mags[Magnolia] for shots.

No shots,no liquer.So we had a cocktail each.

Blue Havana for me,Whiskey Sour for him.
And then large tequilas.

Sauntering out I confidently remarked that it was raining-with the wet pavement in sight.
It turned out that they were repaving it.(in my defense,it WAS wet and the sun was still in its bedclothes)

I sought to put my purse in my bag.It fell out with a thump.Or maybe a flump.Or a-hump?It escapes me.

With equal confidence he remarked that I was high.

Reader,I believed him.

Tube ride to meet two other lads.

I probably clung to A for dear life[Sorry I didn’t mean to grope.Did I?]

One man with a bellyful of absurdity stared for at me for the rest of the ride.


New bar!

Old Friends!

2 more large vodka on the rocks.

By the end of the evening I couldn’t put one foot in front of another.

But I remember being completely sensible.(Absolutely not relative)
Except I laughed a lot.
And felt my lips go numb.

8:30. in the evening I was home and passed out.

Don’t tell me I had too much to drink.
I’m 20.

I’m also 5 foot nothing.

Psst.Check out our Mudmask and Martini blogger social  On Gnetchy's blog :) I'm yet to send in my pictures.Yes I'm sucky like that!
Ty and Gnetchy,bang on my Red Door.Bang,bang bang!You get me goooiiiing.
love you!


  1. Kinda like the hangover hehe :D

  2. LOL... Both. I was actually imagining everything, your day and how you handled everything... looks like from a movie you know... so funny.

  3. haha what? the drinking part or the quasi sober part?

  4. OMG! You are serious! Man! That must have been some scene.

  5. Nothing..Thats the best part.Nobody realised :) I came home,talked with mum and dad cracked afew jokes and then passed out.Gracefully :P >:D

  6. You were drunk. Too much too I guess. :-)

    I want to know what happened at your home.!

  7. haha.the monk is so drunk,it only speaks Glenfidich

  8. Seems a drunken monk is addressing 100 pipers & Black dog to hit the binge in a pub

  9. u r, as u say, 5 foot nothing n yet u cud drink dat much widout throwing up! dats some serious talent!!!

  10. I'm so proud of you, Sweta.

    And you're 20! You're allowed. Haha!!

    Love you!!!







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