18 January 2012

I has Ink- the Kristen Version

This version of I has ink was horribly delayed due to my confusion and indecisiveness- but as long as I have it,I might as well enjoy share it. I know,sometimes I make no sense,whatsoever!

I'm really excited for you guys to meet one of my favourite bloggy buddies!She is sweet and witty and what I love most about her is her sincerity which reflects abundantly in her blog!So,without further ado..

Name: Kristen

But you can call me: just Kristen... I don't have any cool nick names :/

Occupation: Graphic & Web Design Student

Age you got your first tattoo23

How many of them you got? just one for now!

The thought that went behind it/them(tell us a little about your rad ink): I had been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time but I wasn't sure exactly what to get or where to put it. Placement and meaning were the most important to me. I found a picture of a girl with a dandelion tattoo on the back of her shoulder; it had little seeds blowing and transforming into birds. I didn't care that it had been done before- it was exactly what I wanted. I went for an all black design, not extremely detailed but more of an artsy/stamp look to it. The dandelion symbolizes childhood innocence/wishes/positivity/memories/remembering who you are. The seeds transforming into birds symbolize life/change/transformation/finding personal freedom/being yourself. It's totally me. 

Reaction of your friends/family: They liked it! I grew up Mormon/LDS so tattoos were always looked down upon. We have since all grown out of the religion, so everyone appreciated it and thought it was a beautiful tattoo... even my dad :)

Have you ever run into any sort of negativity because of your tattoo:(work,etc): Not really. I can cover it up for the most part so it doesn't interfere with the workplace, and I think it would be welcomed within the design industry. Sometimes when I wear certain style shirts and part of a bird is visible I get curious comments asking what it is. It surprises people more than anything, probably because it goes against my good girl appearance. I think some people see it as an act of rebellion/badassness, and that's OK too :)

Your artist,and a little about him/her: He was awesome! He was a red headed irish guy that worked out of his home. Because he didn't work for a shop his prices were very affordable. Most people wouldn't trust someone tattooing out of their personal home, and I admit I was a little worried, but after meeting him, seeing his portfolio, credentials, and how professional, clean, and anal he was about his work space, I felt it was a great benefit. We got more one-on-one time, I got to pick out some music to listen to, he explained literally EVERY detail of the process and made sure I understood everything about the healing process before I left. Another perk? He gives free touch ups for life :)

Plan on getting any in the future?Tell us a little about them!: I really want to get a crown tattoo. No, not because I consider myself a "princess" but because it's the symbol that connects me and my sisters. Our middle names are named after famous queens: Elizabeth, Victoria, and Catherine. I thought about getting it on my ankle, probably with my younger sister, since I'm not sure my older sister will ever get one! I think of more ideas once in a while and wonder, but I don't want to go overboard. 

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What advice do you have for people procrastinating about getting one:  Honestly, I think it's good to procrastinate. I did for several years, and I felt it helped me get used to the idea and how serious of a commitment it was. You might just be scared like I was, and I think to get yourself to do it you have to just make up you're mind and follow through, just like any other goal you want to get done. If it's important enough to you (which it should be- this will be imprinted on you forever) then you will want to take it seriously. In the end, it's so worth it even though it's painful. It felt like being stung by a bee repeatedly with little breaks in between. When he was tattooing over my spine it was sending vibes through my whole body and he had to stop because I was laughing hysterically! Breathe deep and concentrate on something else... it's going to be over soon! :)

Your thought on Tattooing in general: I think it's a beautiful art form that has gotten a bad rep because of dumb designs and unskilled tattooists. When done right, they can be tasteful and accent the curves of your body. Put A LOT of thought into it, consider lots of options, let the idea sink in, and take your time. PLACEMENT IS KEY! I was extremely picky with the design and the placement. The whole process took me 4 hours- 3 of which were designing/placing it with the artist. I literally had him move some of the birds MILLIMETERS just so I was happy. This is the time to be a perfectionist. Seriously. Who cares if you sit there for three hours re-designing and replacing with the artist. It's YOUR body! And another thing- remember it is art- it doesn't HAVE to mean something. I think people get hung up on that, but it's OK to get a tattoo just because you think it's beautiful. Lastly... take good care of it and wear it proudly :)

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