06 December 2011

Love thy Sponsors:November Sponsor Swap

November has been an amazing month for me this year.To begin with,I officially started custom designing for clients,bumped myself up on the FTLOB writing team,created a custom design for the site and made a few good friends.It's amazing how you have no idea about the existence of one person and then you meet them and BAM.Right?I found some awesome blogs this month and discovered some real talent both in writing,honesty and artsy-ness in general.And so getting on with it..

I found Kristen's button featured on FTLOB,I clicked and it was instant love.To confess,I love a blog with good writing.Pretty pictures and everything else is AWESOME-but nothing beats good content.I love how honest,sweet and simle her writing is-and she is an adorable person to boot ^_^
My girl passed some pretty big benchmarks and also celebrated her first Blogoversary-and what better way to celebrate than being wickedly nice to her readers?That's right!

She has a mega giveaway going on with a bunch of other cool bloggers pitching in and  prizes worth over $100 to be won!Click,click,click!
Watch this space for a guest post by her,and tell me you don't love this little amazeball!Also?Her outfit posts are to die for.Totally in love with her style! 

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My love affair with Bobbi's blog goes back longer than November.I've always admired her simple,clean but stylish layout and her beautiful photos.Be sure to check them out!

Love her simplistic writing style and totally gaga over her sketches.GAGA.

There-one big  round of creative awesomeness for you-feel free to indulge!
I also have some sweet new blogs on my sidebar right now-show them some love!
Have a good week.


  1. So,so glad yo do!I LOVE yours :D.Got your email.Replied back :)

  2. haha,that's alright-I enjoy stalking you xD yaay I LOVE you too-you're so sweet and awesome ^_^
    I bet you'll love them both :)
    Also,thanks-if I must say I'm kinda in love with the new theme.Very me-haha.xoxo

  3. Ooo the theme looks great! :D I love it!!

  4. Sweta, you are a DOLL! Thank you for the shout out... I just realized I never gave you a blurb, so you probably had to research to post this (sowwie!) and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I pretty much love you to pieces. And your new blog design? Freaking fabulous. Off to go check out these other lovelies... yep, they're amazing. And so are you :)







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