08 August 2011

A massive update was due but knowing me this is just going to turn into a birthday rant and sufficient bitching

I know I have been around on and off with random posts but nothing really communicative.I probably suffered from the God syndrome-the I can reach you but you can't reach me thing which makes brings down the best of us ;)

Truth be told a lot and not a lot has been going on and even at this point I am hesitant as to whether I should share them here.At times I feel anonymity could have been a blessing but I have put myself out there so much and obviously I enjoy writing and should be able to write what I want on my blog,right?Every girl needs a place to write and I'm not big on diaries,so, this is mine.For one,I really admire those who can really put it all out there,really lay it out-but me,often while taking that road find myself taking 5 backward steps to the measly 1 that I took forward.Ever found yourself doing that?Folded and gone back to sulking?I feel you and you feel me then-in a totally non creepy way.

Firstly, college started for a new term;and I'm in a totally unholy place there and the less spoken about it the better.Think unappreciative teachers,a syllabus that reeks of antiquity(but not in a a delicious way) and a sinking and creaky plank with a one-man foot space-which only means one thing-you never never who's going to kick you off it.
Moving on..

Secondly, I turned 21 last week.Which means-nothing really for the whole year-but a day of extreme fun ensued.The phone kept buzzing since midnight and I got my first b'day wish from Gnetch because obviously I turned 21 2 hours before where she lives^_^.

A pictographic representation is as follows..

A day out with my favourite people ^_^

I did not spin a wheel and bring him from the stone age..he has seen a camera before
but this is just how he rolls :D
My best friend and Allan <3

Monkee also sang a song and precisely midnight.Best B'day surprise ever!!
A close second would be..
Remember this? *shudders* Dad and I have been having lengthy discussions as to whether I should upgrade my desktop or go mobile and we settled on the latter.We also spat and shook and decided that a purchase be made around September.So I basically  jumped out of my pants when he announced on The Day that we were going to get mine that very second-car key already looped around his pinkie.
Ha!It feels so Sex and the City typing a blog post on this shiny,sexay thang.And BOY is it fast!Love it how I can go Locomotor  with this to the coffee shop.Yes,I'm going to be a bit obnoxious about it for sometime.I was sent late to the party,remember?I'm allowed to preen and pimp out shamelessly.Or so I say!


click image to enlarge

I finally sorted things out with the bank.Red Door Designs would be open for business in a couple of weeks!!FINALLY!I can wreck your blogs and concentrate on writing my own,ha!Lots of Giveaways,Premades and discounts to come.Stay tuned! 

Birthday rant-Check.
MAN!That feels good.


  1. A very very happy belated birthday!
    I hope this coming year brings you lovely gifts of happiness, love, laughter and joy.
    And the laptop looks awesomely strokeable :P

  2. I'd do that! But it's a fingerprint magnet! 
    OOO yes,gifts! xDHaha thanks <3 :)
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hahaha! I got too excited when I realized it was your birthday!!!

    You and Cutie are so cute together!!!

    And yay for the new business!!!!! :)

  4. Rants are always good. :D Hope you're feeling better now that you got it all out!

    Also that laptop IS SEXY, MY GOD. -giggles-

    You didn't have your email hooked to your blogger account so I'll reply here, I hope it's OK! You can actually run Linux right off a thumbdrive if you have one knocking around. It's really great for taking it for a test drive without changing your computer at all. :)

  5. Rants are alright. i feel most of the time, i rant on my blog. There was a time when i wanted to delete it and be done with it. but, i think now, no. I can go on with it and enjoy what all i cannot say in real life. 

    And, PS, belated birthday wishes girlie. :)

  6. Long time! Happy belated birthday girlie! :) Hope the year ahead brings more surprises as sexy as that laptop ;)
    All the very best with the new biz, fab idea to use all that creativity to get some moolah in :D will post about it when you get started.

  7. argh I always mess up my id with disqus. It's purple moonbeam from Spirited Wanderings. rem me? :P

  8. no problem! I do :) how are you!

  9. Thank you! Glad to see you're back! I think my luck just ran out lol too many good stuff..might as well hold some for the future :D

    I'll appreciate the post,thanks :D

  10. Rants are the best.And your blog is the best listener.It lets you write all over it-your opinions and nothing else.What's not to love ? :P
    Thank you for the wishes :)

  11. OH I'm feeling awesome! Thanks for the follow! :)

    Oh boy,yes,the laptop makes me want to stick dollar bills in it's g-string :D

    I don't I thought i did have my email enabled!anyhow,thanks for the advice!I'll try that and let you know :) Sounds convenient!

  12. AWW hehehe <3 it was fun!!! :D Love you so much :)
    I'll pass that on to cutie :)I have yet to learn the ropes on the business..but here's to luck! :)







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