25 August 2011


I'm not sure how to pronounce it, but I have it.Wait-it isn't as vile as it sounds.For me.

Let's try again.Is it um,Magi like the you know,Magi?Or Maggie like Maggie Smith?The second seems highly unlikely.Anyhow,it's a mouthful and a new addition to my vocab(oh my the merry things we learn every day).
I have it.I definitely have it.If you've been following my tweets(also highly unlikely-because I'm all modest and such) you would know that I tried to make brownies today.

Again,due to my Magei-thingy I decided to get a brownie mix instead. Evidently I was too chicken to mix my own(one of the key elements of M phobia is the fear of recipes-apparently clams like me are intimidated by them.I am) and I got myself a Betty Crocker mix which I audaciously decided to microwave  without sufficient instructions on the box.It said 20-25 mins in a pre-heated oven.

Well,what can I say?It's an Indian household over here.Our cuisines are hardly oven made.They are mostly cooked on low flame(my house-save gas,increase flavour) with medium amount of spices.Our oven is cute,tiny and bubblewrapped in a loft .So,er, I went with the microwave.Yea,we use a lot of that.Pop in food and all.In my defense,I did look up the microwave equivalent of the oven time on google.Most said go with 5.I went with 5.It was still a gooey mess.So 20 it was.

And this is what I ended up with.

This is why Hagrid doesn't cook.This is why I don't cook.
Dad's  probably working on it with the meat cleaver right now.
P.s:Who's coming for dinner?I'm cooking ;)



  1. Look at the knife.It's stuck xD
    P.s: thanks!I like this one as well :D lol can I do yours? ^_^

  2. first thng first..absolutely in love with the design (as always), and yeah this is a new add to my vocabulary..and by the way ,doesn't look that bad,by the look of it..:)

  3. Oh man. I know you feel. I absolutely SUCK at cooking things. Unless it's pretty basic, keep it away from me. When Girlfriend and I live together, I told her I'm leaving the 'serious cooking' up to her. LOL

    My friend managed to burn ramen noodles yesterday, it was hilarious!

  4. I'm really bad at cooking. I wouldn't even try.

    If I try to cook, I want everything prepared, like the ones we see on TV where everything is chopped and sliced and in separate tiny bowls so I could just pour everything into a pan and start cooking?

    But that doesn't happen in real life!!! :)

  5. Haha! At least you tried. :P.
    I'm too scared to do even that. 8-)
    They look ummm, interesting?

  6. lol i can't imagine thinking of cooking big meals..such an ordeal.however,I love eating.Also,a finicky about taste.Not good for me lol
    Aww,that sounds good :) I wonder where I'll find a guy who loves to cook..on a regular basis lol
    I do okay with Ramen noodles.Score?:D

  7. Cooking big meals omg..haha even I like the idea neatly chopped and prepared..but you gotta do that yourself.i can't lol.I don't get people who love to cook and maths.

  8. Dad scraped them lol We ate as cookies :D Most of them were burnt :P

    Sometime I gotta try..or dad wouldn't shut up :P







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