12 August 2011

Drizzle Drazzle,who doesn't like puppies and look what came in the mail today!

So it's been raining.INCESSANTLY.Rain is good,mostly as I keep stressing,if you live in a tropical country-brings down the heat,refreshes and rejuvenates(funny how we use words of the same meaning together for embellishment,isn't it?) and basically prevents you from being barbequed.Don't get me wrong-I LOVE when it rains.It's lovely to  hear the raindrops and an occasional thunder clap as I lounge with a book or movie or simply stare and drool by the window with a steaming cup of (black) coffee in hand.I LOVE it when I'm indoors or on a pleasure jaunt but it doesn't seem so pleasant with a backpack full of  lecture notes and your jeans weighing you down.Hell,recently I haven't had the opportunity to dry properly before going out and getting drenched again.Still,I believe it's better than sweating your balls of f at 40 degree C I guess.Really,I don't know what I was complaining about in the first place!

On a completely different note,the other day dad was going through some old pictures on his phone and he came across this..

les adorables

Did I tell you I have a dog?Well I do!He is a German Spitz and 3 years old now and a source of much amusement for us.To his(dis)credit he has chewed off 500 bucks,my learner's license(funny story for another day) and numerous other knickknacks.Oh!I forget-one of my cherished earphones as well.He is listed as my son on Facebook and that causes a lot of hooting among friends,yet.he.stays.He is going through a phase right now where he feels that urinating on everything makes it his own (marking territory) and no amount of cajoling,pleading or threatening seems to be working.Dad has stopped lounging on the floor cushions or taking a nap on them because we fear that he's be pee'd on (doesn't like a my dad much,goes without saying).So,like most good looking men even my dog knows he can get his way with the world when if he acts a like a giant dick peewad at times.But he loves me and waits on twos in the balcony if I'm late and pees(again) himself with happiness when I finally get home.That's kinda flattering,isn't it?

So,it's been a long time since I communicated via snailmail and was super excited when a package arrived for me today!

Two of them are birthday cards and the third one says "You mean a lot to me" and all of them are super awesome and handmade .I LOVE THEM!
Kinda useless if I don't tell you where they came from,though.I was the #4000th (I know! amazing!) commenter at Holly's blog(Adventures of Holly) and she sent them over all the way from NewZealand! Go pay her bloggy a visit  or shoot her a tweet and tell her she is amazing!Haha,I just wanna keep them for myself !

..And I leave you with my favourite rainy day song.

Riders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Into this house we're born
Into this world we're thrown
Like a dog without a bone
An actor out alone
Riders on the storm

nana nana NA...hmmhmm hmmhmm HMM.


  1. Yay!! I can now sign in on Disqus!!!

    Your dog is soooo cute!!!!!

    I'm not a fan of rains. I do appreciate little drizzles though, just to keep the weather bearable. But when it rains here, everything's messy- it ruins my shoes and clothes. It makes me hate going to work more. And I'm lazier when it rains. So. Haha!!!

    And the mails you got are awesome!!! <3 you!

  2. Aww I heard it's pretty bad in Delhi.Go rain.Here are your tickets.

    Rain will be there asap :Dhaha thanks.his head swelled further.Men.

  3. Ahhh... I love the dog...such a cutie! :D

    And send some rain to Delhi! Pls!

  4. YAAY! :D

    haha he is also the devil!
    It's the same here..muddy and squishy and you'd have a high chance of being squelched with mud water on your way t work :P

    <3 you too :)







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