04 February 2011


I'm in the mood to do a lot of things.Get them started,sorted even if I collapse at the finish line.Here's this issue I have-I get things started alright,but finishing them?Oh no.I guess I have commitment issues?
But not when it comes to relationships and,that's for another day.
So today..

from we <3 it

  • I want to blog
  • Figure out how the hell a Google reader works
  • Get started on redesigning this blog.I like this design,but I'm going for something more..handcrafted?(suggest some ideas..vintage?colourful?shabang?grownup?Go on,comment!  )
  • Read more.I bought a whole stack of new books at the Calcutta Book Fair.This goes on my Project Do Me:read more.
  • Draw up a list for Project Do Me.Ugh..I was supposed to this Monday!
  • Catch up on your blogs!(just because it's low on the list doesn't mean it's low on priority)*wink*
  • Clean my room.
  • Take pictures..I haven't taken photos in a while.So much for Project 365 :(
What are you upto?


  1. Ah, I couldn't live without google reader! I probably follow over a hundred blogs and reader makes it so much easier. You won't regret it!

  2. Really?Can you like star *fav* your fav blogs and stuff?is that how you keep up?I follow some wonderful blogs and it sucks when I arrive there 231123213 posts later :( And I got got college,etc so I can't afford to spend much time reading everyday.

  3. go for a shabang design,wud love to see that,nd yeah..do take pictures..

  4. If you find out google reader let me know!!! I've been taking pictures every day (even crappy measly quick snapshots), but uploading them for 365 is already a pain in the butt!! oiii vey, 11 months to go!!!

  5. I will be studying.Blah!
    Can't wait to see what you'll do to the design of the blog, and I wanna see your 365 project as well!

  6. It's almost 8 Post meridian,and I haven't been on to google reader yet.HoweverI did clean my room a bit and read a few pages :D
    Omg I know..its a rush everyday..I think I'm only a tiny fraction of the way there of project 365..anf I'm thinking of restarting.Keep it up!I'll try to catch up hah.

  7. Sometimes you need to disappear in order to find the motivation to reappear <3 but I'm glad you're back and motivated.. :) xo xo

  8. aww,I should too! haha I got a couple of ideas..lets see how that turns out :D
    Here's my project 365 http://365project.org/sweta1990/365

  9. Yes,I wouldn't be here if not for you and Gnetchy <3 you rooock
    You motivate me,lift me.Love you.

  10. I got a couple of ideas..haha let's see.Thanks for the feedback :D

  11. I don't know what I would do without Google Reader. Great list though! :]

    I'm focusing on continuing to grow my Etsy shop.

  12. I think your blog is cute right now, but I understand wanting a new one. I just had my re-done when I won a blog makeover. =) Although, I like to change things up so it'll probably change again in the next 6 months...lol.

    I also need to make time to read. Last year I tried to read 100 books (see my blog for that info...), but only made it into the 70s. I know I won't even get that close this year, but I'd love to get more than the 2 I've read so far. I swear, having a baby killed my brain.

    p.s. Thank you sooooo much for commenting on my random Geographic Tongue post! I'm so glad I'm not the only one out there with this weird condition. =)

  13. I STILL haven't figured it out..what do ya know? haha
    Thanks..I proceeded a bit through the list :)Goodluck on growing your etsy shop :) YAAY.

  14. Haha,this is the new layout..I finished it last night..haven't had a chance to update a post about it :P But yea I like chaning things around my blog..and yes,in six months,mine would change too.OR sooner :P
    My course hardly allows my to read for fun..I'm always on analysing novels or plays..and when I'm done I just want to read something mindless..just can'tt ake heavy lol.
    Having a baby is a huge commitment :) I'm sure you'll do great :D

    Haha,when I saw your geographic tongue post,I was SOOOOOOO relieved- I had to! Thank your for the lovely comment!

  15. I have been a writing machine these days, but I can't wait for a quiet night and a dinner out.

  16. you should absolutely take off! :) You've been working hard and you deserve it,love.







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