02 January 2011

Project 365

I signed up for it!..
right here

Project365: A picture a day for the next 365 days.Sounds easy enough? I hope I can keep at it.I intend to!

I'll be posting my pictures on the project365 site as well as here.

So here's my pic for the day..

That's my dad's hookah in the background[which we don't use for smoking but for decoration] We picked it up on one of our vacations.In the front is, well ,dad's morning cuppa :)

"Nesha" means addiction in Bengali and we happen to drink a lot more Cha (tea or chai)than coffee-probably due to the proximity of the two tea growing states of Assam and Darjeeling.Cha frequents the Bengali's entrails a lot more than any other liquid in his lifetime,and hence we find it difficult to shake off our Cha-er nesha (addiction to tea).From addas(hanging out) to business meetings,one must offer or consume tea to absorb and soak in the wholesome bangaliana (being Bengali)

I took this photo with my Canon A1100 as my dad doesn't trust me with his dslr.bleh.
So, this will be my standard camera for the project,
unless I get lucky.ha![fat chance,I have nothing devious in mind]

I have been meaning to improve my photography for a while now and I'm glad that Project365 is allowing me to do exactly  that- apart from helping me document little things I would have otherwise forgotten.So, yaay to challenges :)

P.s: Pssst..why don't you start yours too?;)


  1. As addictions go, I think tea is a good one to have. We're quite a tea-hungry nation as well - whenever there's a crisis, the first reaction is to put the kettle on. Tea's magic. Serious.

    Good luck with project 365, I would join in, but I have trouble remembering to wake up 365 days a year, yet alone taking a photo!


  2. Ooh I'd liek to sign up for something liek that, but I don't have any photoshop or edit software on my computer and I don't know if my camera would make as good of a photo as you've got posted!

  3. @Tom:Ah yes :) I prefer Coffee though,black.Project 365 is my way of remebering to wake up 365 days a year haha.There you have it,

    @Ty:You can DO IT!!IT's all about having fun and preserving your memories.I don't have a good cam either,it's a canon compact..and I edited this with picassa which can be downloaded in a jiffy from the web.GO FOR IT!!

  4. lol i finally updated my blog properly :)


  5. haha hopped over :) thanks from dropping by :)

  6. Wow, what an amazing picture! Its GREAT! Glad too see you joined the project as well!







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